Alexandrite Rings

Thing You Need To Know Before Buying Alexandrite Rings


alexandrite ringsAfter popping the question to the girl you want to engage with, a man’s chore is actually not done yet. There are still so many things to do to prepare the engagement day and make that day to be perfect. One of them is choosing the right yet affordable engagement ring. And alexandrite rings for men and women is a kind of ring that will fit the most for your perfect day, especially if you are looking for high quality rings with a low price.

Alexandrite rings are actually some kind of vintage rings that originally come from Russia, from the early 19th century to be exact. The name of alexandrite rings itself comes from Tsar Alexander II, one of the greatest Russian tsar at the time. Some even say that this kind of ring is a national ring back then, because it reflects the character of Russian people. This kind of ring is also very adored by most people at that time, making the ring gain more popularity from time to time.

Alexandrite Rings Features

Alexandrite rings have many features from much aspect of the rings. For instance, the alexandrite gemstone that is attached on the ring has the ability to change its color, depending on how the condition of the lighting around the gemstone. Mainly, the gemstone will change the color from green to red. But this can be change to any other colors, like blue or violet, again depending on how the waves of lights affect rings. So, when someone wears alexandrite rings with so many lights around them, you can see how beautiful the rings since it will have so many colors and gorgeous reflections.

Alexandrite rings are also very easy to maintain and have a high durability. As the maintenance aspect, this kind of ring doesn’t require a high frequency of cleaning. You can just clean the rings once every few months and it will not break the rings nor will it decrease the beauty of the rings itself. This is mainly caused by the hardness of the rings that placed on the high table according to Mohs scale. So, every attempt to clean or rub the rings will not screw any aspect of the alexandrite rings.

And also, the high durability that alexandrite rings have will gives you many benefits. One of the benefits is that you do not need to worry about changing your engagement rings every once in a while. This is caused by alexandrite rings are rings that mostly will stay in good condition for a very long time. So, even if you have had the rings for a good long time, there’s no need to spend money to buy another one just to replace the old one.

Alexandrite Rings Tips

alexandrite ringsAlexandrite rings are also very versatile as it can be used by women or men. Although the style of the rings might differ depends on who wears the ring. For women, this kind of rings can be added with a little decoration along side of the band to make it even more beautiful. And alexandrite rings for men can be made with a slightly bigger size of the alexandrite gemstone to give the rings a taste of masculine. That makes you and your fiancée can still wear both of your rings without having to worry that they might not match with you or your fiancée.

But one thing that you need to consider before choosing alexandrite rings for your engagement day is that you have to choose carefully rings for men. Do not pick an oversized ring as it will bother your man while doing his work. Instead it is better to choose a ring that has a simple band and a simply cut gemstone on it. The rings that have this kind of design will still have they’re character and will not bug your man off while he is in the office or doing some hard job.