Claddagh Ring

Silver Claddagh Ring: Traditional Iris Ring with Various Meaning


silver claddagh ringCladdagh ring originally is the symbol of town of Claddagh in Ireland. It has been a traditional love token  since 17th Century. Today claddagh ring still popular as ring exchanged between couples such as wedding ring or engagement ring or exchanged between family members. For example, heirlooms passed from the mother to her daughter. Silver claddagh ring is a popular option of claddagh ring because it looks beauty and timeless. A common Claddagh ring consists of 2 hand clasping crowned heart. Many people interpret that hands signify friendship, heart signify love, while the crown is the symbol of loyalty or fidelity. Claddagh ring today are made into various styles with basic shapes that include heart, crown, and hands. At first claddagh ring are made from silver and gold. Silver claddagh ring is very popular both for men and women. Silver claddagh ring men is designed for men. Typically it comes in simple design than women’s ring because men usually want to wear something simple yet elegant ring. 

Silver Claddagh Ring Meaning

Silver claddagh ring is designed to symbolize marriage, love, or friendship. Actual meaning of this ring is depending on the intention of person who giving the gift and one who receives it. The centerpiece of claddagh ring is heart shaped. It is a universal symbol for love. The presence of heart on this ring speaks volumes to the people who receive it. Two hands are embracing the heat one on each side that symbolize friendship. Friendship may signify mutual feelings of affection and trust between two people. It is actually a popular expression in the jewelry design. The crown sits at the top of heart symbolizes loyalty. It is the term that is used to define someone’s devotion to another which is essential in love and friendship. Due to the popularity of claddagh ring, some jewelers make creation for this ring by adding amethyst on this ring.

silver claddagh ring men

Silver claddagh ring with amethyst are popular option for women. The amethyst added on the heart makes this ring look much more beautiful. However, before you wear this ring on your finger, it is also important to know the ways to wear silver claddagh ring and what exactly each position means. If you wear this ring on the right hand at your finger with heart pointing away of tip of finger, it means that you re in love. If you are single, you can worn it on the right finger of right hand with heart pointing to the tip of finger. But, if you have married or engaged, it is worn on the ring finger of left hand. In some cases, this ring is also be used as the wedding band.

Silver Claddagh Ring History

Claddagh rings have storied and long history. This jewelry is known due to its iconic appearance. The creation of claddagh ring is attributed to Richard Joyce who took up the work after being captured as slave in Mediterranean. The popular myth related the claddagh ring’s creation is that Richard Joyce was native of Claddagh. He was captured and enslaved at same weeks he was because of be married. Then, he designed this ring while working under goldsmith. Then, he gave this ring when he married with his loved one. Today, claddagh ring is very popular for Irish wedding ring. Silver claddagh ring emerald is one of the most popular claddagh ring for wedding. Since silver claddagh can be worn by men and women, silver claddagh ring women usually designed in more feminine design. In addition, silver claddagh ring can be made with birthstones or gemstones laid in the crown. In addition to silver, it is also usually made from white and yellow gold.

Mens Claddagh Ring for Your Priceless Love

Mens claddagh ring is the ring that has a great meaning. It is a kind of ring with the great relief and with the great meaning of the relief. It will be great when you find the best men in the world and he want to share his love and life together with you. However, you need to get the great ring to symbolize the love that you have. When you decide to go to the further step of your love, you need to have the symbol of your ceremony. In your wedding, the most important symbol is the ring. The ring that you and your husband wear together will be the great symbol for your marriage. In your future, your husband will be your love, your king, and your best friend at the same time.

History of Mens Claddagh Ring

mens claddagh ring from ireland

Mens claddagh ring is the ring that came from a village named Claddagh in the Ireland. If we want to know more about the mens claddagh ring from Ireland, we should move back in the time of 300 years ago.

The name of the ring taken from the name of the village that is just the same. The basic pattern of the rings is just a plan ring with the relief of two hands holding a heart with the crown lay above the heart. However, nowadays many people start to make the variations of the ring with the mens claddagh ring gold, mens claddagh ring sterling silver. The relief has the meaningful meaning for a relationship. The relief of the hands has the meaning of the friendship and togetherness. It means that your husband will be your best friend and he will share anything he has in your togetherness. The meaning of the heart is the love. You will have the whole love that he has for you. You can get his love and he will love with all of his heart. The meaning of the crown is symbolizing a king. Your husband will be your king, he will lead you and give the wealth that he has for you.

Mens Claddagh Ring White Gold

With the great meaning of the ring, you can get the wonderful relationship and get the great symbol between you and your husband.

mens claddagh ring sterling silver

The great symbol will be the wonderful symbol in the moment that will last forever in your life. Now, you do not need to worry about the design of the rings, you will not get the plan metal any longer.

The original design is still exist, however you can get the modified version with the same meaning of the claddagh ring. You can get the mens claddagh ring white gold with the great design. You can get the wonderful design of the ring in the internet. You can get the great design of the ring in the internet. You can find many online shop that provide the great design of the ring in the internet and they add some additional touch but still use the same pattern of the relief. For example, you can get the great design of the mens claddagh ring with the black stone, green stone, or even diamond in the middle of the heart. It means that the hearts is replace by the stone. It will give you the great touch and modification but still have the same meaning with the original ones. So, what makes you wait then? You can get the ring in the internet now and go to the further step of your love with the great symbol. You can have the best moment in your life with your wedding and use the mens claddagh ring.

Gold Claddagh Ring from Claddagh to the World

gold claddagh ringThe story of gold claddagh ring begin from the little fishing village named Claddagh in Ireland that Irish fisherman, Richard Joyce fall in love to a woman and want to spend the rest his live with the woman who take his heart away. Too sad that the world did not make it easy for him that one day pirates came aboard, kidnapped him, and sold him as a slave to a Moorish goldsmith. He was so sad that he could not there with the woman he love so much but he create a gold ring that symbolize his love and loyalty to the woman he love. The ring is what we know as gold claddagh ring today. The story is heart touching because after years apart, finally, Joyce gain his freedom when King William II ordered the release of all slaves and he could back to his true love that surprisingly have the same strong love and waited there for him.

Even many people do not believe the legend but people appreciate the symbolization of love, friendship, and loyalty from the claddagh ring. From the initial design, people create variation of the ring such as gold claddagh ring with emerald, diamond, sapphire, ruby, and other gemstones. People are also using different metal such as silver and platinum. However, the design stills the same with hands clasping heart and crown.

Gold Claddagh Ring as True Love as well as Friendship

If the legend state that the ring is from a man to a woman he loves so much, the ring is now used by many people for various reasons. Claddagh ring is now more than true love symbol but also a symbol of friendship. Therefore, if you check out gold claddagh ring amazon, people not only buy it from the love of their life but also for friend of their life. Even more, Claddagh ring is now not only for woman but also for men. To make it different between woman and man design, they create gold claddagh ring for men in bigger size.

engraved rings for men and women

Claddagh ring could be a symbol of true love as well as friendship because the design is actually have three elements that are the heart, the crown, and the hands. Everybody knows that heart shape is the symbol of love. If will show your true love to someone you give the ring. The second element is the crown that symbolizes loyalty that you will always keep the love inside your heart and never give it to anybody else. The third element is the hand and this is where friendship is symbolized. Therefore, gold claddagh ring meaning is true love, loyalty, and friendship.

To distinguish true love and friendship symbolization, you wear claddagh ring in different way. To symbolize true love, you wear it on your left hand with the crown facing toward you. If you want to symbolize friendship or that you still available for romantic love, you wear it on your right hand with the crown facing away from you.

Gold Claddagh Ring Meaning

Therefore, it is important to pay attention when you wear gold claddagh ring so people will know who you are.

Since Claddagh ring is very meaningful, Claddagh ring design is now very popular all over the world. The ring is no longer tradition of Irish people but in other European countries, United States, Australia, Asia, and more, people love it so much. People use gold claddagh ring as a gift to someone very important for him or her. If you have special and want to show your love and friendship, you can choose it to show your feeling. You do not have to say anything because the ring already says it all.