Class Ring

Jostens Class Ring


Jostens class ring is what something graduates always wear in their finger. The ring shows they have finished the academy. In various academies, the class ring symbolizes the family value and the relation among the students. Almost all colleges and universities gives their students class ring as the remembrance for the almamater.

jostens class ring designer

However, the colleges and the universities leave the design and the style to the students themselves. Therefore,  the students are asked to choose their most suitable jostens class ring. If you are the person that is in charge of choosing the class ring design, you need to look over the internet to look the examples of rings from the jostens class ring designer. There are many ring designs that you can see and choose. However, since the class ring will be used until it is replaced with another class ring of the higher degree, the ring design should be carefully chosen and pick. Therefore, you should know how to choose the most appropriate class ring design as if you choose the ring for yourself.

Choosing an Appropriate Jostens Class Ring Design

It is not hard to choose the most appropriate class ring design as long as you know the basic knowledge about jewelry and rings. There are only few things that you need to consider when choosing the best class ring design other than the jostens class ring value. The first thing that you need to consider in choosing the ring is to differentiate between men ring design and women ring design. As you know that women are not appropriate to use men’s ring and vice versa. Therefore, you need to choose two types of class ring designs, one for female students and the other is for male students. The design you choose should also appropriate for them. Female class ring is more feminine than the male’s ring. In choosing the ring, choose a ring that reflects your personality.  

jostens class ring value

If you are a female student, traditionally you will choose a ring design that looks feminine with flower or rose ornaments on the outer of the center diamond. For female, the center stone can be the pink sapphire, cubic zircon, and diamonds. Choose the right one to avoid regret in the future. For male students, bolder class ring design is more appropriate. With simpler design and less ornaments that ease you when finding the jostens class ring replacement if you damage it.

Jostens Class Ring Value

The next thing to consider is the materials used in the ring. A good jostens class ring should be made from precious metal like platinum, gold, and silver. The most popular choice is gold and silver because platinum is too expensive for the class ring. Gold is better than silver and surely more beautiful too. Moreover, gold is appropriate for female and male students. For the hardness of the ring, 18 carats gold is the best one. It would not easily get scratches and fade. If you choose silver, choose 92.5% silver that gives the ring the best hardness and shine. Silver and gold is also easy to repair. You can get jostens class ring repair in all Jostens store. If you already pick the model,  you need to order it. Order it as many as you need and make sure that the rings are enough to for all of your mates. Makes sure they know the jostens class ring value before they agree to order the ring. Before you order the ring, measure the ring size that suit to your classmates. Ask them to size their own finger and take note of it. After few days, the jostens class ring for the whole classmate will be delivered to you.