CTR Ring

The Deep Meaning of CTR Ring


CTR Ring The letters CTR on a ctr ring stands for phrase that reads, “Choose the Right”. This ring is an accessory worn by members of The Church of LDS (Latter-day Saints.) The phrase is taken from the LDS book of hymns, which contains a hymn whose title bears that specific phrase. Helen Alldredge, the Primary General Board designed a logo with shapes of a shield and that CTR letters on its surface. Later, in 1970, church committee headed by Naomi W. Randall approved on the use of CTR shield logo for any official material related to church. As the result, we can see this specific CTR shield logo in every LDS-related educational material. The logo, and thus the CTR letters, is used by all LDS members without exclusion. Every member of any age can and may wear the logo on the T-shirts, the stationeries, or bookmarks, to help them always remember what the CTR indicates to their life and to let other people know to what religion they belong.

The ctr ring is a perfect example of how a religious symbol can be integrated to jewelries. Specifically, using a ring which bears religious tone like CTR letters is something that can help the wearer fully remembers the virtue, the good values, born by the symbol itself. Also, by using this kind of ring, one can easily allow others to recognize his/her religious affiliation and hope for their respect without even asking or telling them to. This is a perfect way to announce your belief without actually screaming about it out loud as that act might offend other people who, well, don’t really want to know.

What a CTR Ring Means?

Exactly what is referred by “Choose the Right” symbolized by that CTR letters? This is closely related to previous explanation about the ctr ring meaning. The “Choose the Right” phrase here refers to suggestion, the teaching of The Church of LDS that requires its followers to always act righteously. With that being said, the emblem of ctr ring worn by one on his/her finger can be regarded as a mean or tools or medium which kind of tell and lead the wearer to goodness. So, perhaps, it goes as follows: You, supposedly you are a member of LDS, start thinking about committing an unforgiveable crime. With that ring on your finger and with such a noble meaning it bears, would you still commit the crime anyway? As a devoted follower, you shouldn’t because that would tarnish the beautiful innate meaning the ring has to offer to you.

The CTR Ring Trend

The ctr ring sales see increasing demand. At the beginning of its initiation, ctr ring is intended for the use on children. It is somewhat related to Sunday school and was in the shape of fairly simple shield in green and CTR letters are in silver. Throughout the years, though, the rings are then also used by adults. This change is to indicate that a ctr ring was never specially-made for children only.

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In modern day like this, ctr ring designs have been made flexible depending on their use. Rings intended for children, for one, can be designed colorfully in shades of pink or green. Sport elements are also common found incorporated into a ctr ring.

However, owning only one ring of CTR can potentially bring you boredom. Who is to say that wearing the same ring over and over again will not bore the wearer? Therefore, it is only smart if you opt for purchasing ctr ring mormon in large number. But, it is not like doing it this way will not cost you more money? A single CTR ring may be cheap enough, try fifteen of it. Certainly that will drain your savings, won’t that?

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