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Celtic Knot Ring, A Combination of Culture and Modernity


celtic knot ringWedding ring can be classified as something traditional. It is because major people only want to some common thing in their special moment such as wearing white gown or holding the ceremony in the garden or church. However, some people want to break the rule to show other people that they are man of the house in this occasion such as choosing the celtic knot ring.

Celtic knot ring can be considered as a new and modern way in wedding jewelry. The couples who choose this style of ring must have a strong character because they must pass the questions from the parents, parents in law, family and friends who consider that wedding ceremony must be hold as what is written before, or in other word do not change anything for this sacred occasion. However, in Ireland, celtic knot ring is also something traditional so there is nothing wrong with it. If you are interested in choosing this style of ring, here some information that helps you consider the best ring for you. 

Know what is The Celtic Knot Ring Meaning first

If you insist on choosing the celtic knot ring, you should have a good reason for it. It is not hard to find the reason to choose this ring especially when it comes to its meaning. The celtic knot ring is full of meaning because mostly the ring is painted in some symbols from Celtic culture. This makes you have to find out the meaning of the symbol in your ring. Here are some explanations of celtic knot meaning in the jewelry

·         Spirals

This symbol represent the new life cycle of something. It is good for wedding ring because it will be the new beginning for the relationship of the couple and the children in the future.

·         Circle

This symbol represents the eternity no matter for love or the life

·         Square

This celtic knot ring symbol means a shield to avoid bad devil.

celtic knot ring meaning

Those symbols do not only exist in the jewelry but also in the forms of tattoo. Many couples want to try something new and unusual, so the wedding tattoo ring is chosen. Fortunately, celtic knot ring type has so many symbols to go so the designs of the celtic knot ring tattoo can be various. Those mentioned symbols are only the main designs that are chosen by the people. Wedding ring tattoo is chosen for the reason of simplicity. You do not need to be afraid of losing your wedding ring or you do not have to put off your wedding ring while you are doing your activity. The consequence is it cannot be removed. If it can be, the process will be hurt, there is a scratch or trace left in your hand.

Men’ Favorite Choice –  Celtic Knot Ring

When it comes to the jewelry, men are not too excited to wear a wedding ring that has glamour deign and thousand diamonds on it. They prefer to choose the simple one with light weight size regarding that they have to do some activities that will be bothered if they use an expensive and heavy. Celtic knot ring has simple design to go. Celtic knot ring men is usually made from platinum, white gold or yellow gold, bit the platinum metal is the favorite one since it does not look too old. The modernity and the sturdiness also become the reason why platinum metal is chosen by men. The celtic knot ring for men rarely uses a diamond to decorate the ring because it already has a symbol as its attractive points for the customers such as what you can find in Celtic knot ring etsy.