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promise ring meaningWhat’s a promise ring meaning? Scratch that—is that even a thing? Is it a ring that can promise someone something? Is it a ring, with promises carved into it? Just so you know, yes, a promise ring is indeed a thing. It’s made to form some sort of bond between two persons and to symbolize whatever promise they make.

Per definition given above, it’s easy to confuse promise ring meaning for engagement rings, even for wedding rings. If you think of it that way, that’s fine, because, after all, those rings bear symbolization to certain degree which marks new stage of relationship. Indeed that sounds a little bit romantic. But, in principle, wearing promise rings can also be chosen by anyone with any kind of relationship. So, while it can be applied to romantic relationship, the ring can also tie up two persons with relationship other than that. It could be friendship. It could be a thing to confirm someone about how you value the relationship between you two. Put it simple, a promise ring correlates with more general sense of relationships while the other rings correlate limitedly to romance or love in narrower sense.

So, in short, we can just neglect the existence of the tradition of giving such a ring and whatever promise ring meaning is, right? Well, because it’s all about personal preference, of course you and everyone else can ignore it. In fact, it was just until 1990s that the habit of giving promise ring eventually reemerges itself after so many years being forgotten. Some even say that the tradition of giving a promise ring to someone else is perhaps of ancient era.

Another thing that separates promise ring meaning with other kind of rings, like, engagement rings, is that with engagement rings, both parties exchange the rings. You, upon being engaged with a person, must also give that person a ring. But with promise ring, it could be one-way. You may have the feeling, the need to give someone else a ring, but the other party may or may not return the favor.

Promise Ring Meaning—Where to Put It to Give Perfect Impression

promise ring meaning fingerOn the subject of promise ring meaning finger, it should be clear that left hand is commonly associated with everything romantic. So when you receive a promise ring from someone with whom you are romantically linked, put it on the left ring finger. When you two eventually get engaged or even married, the promise ring you previously received must be removed to right ring finger. That’s how to treat a promise ring. So you shouldn’t throw it away after the relationship ends in marriage or engagement. It’s the materialization of the promise, no matter what.

If it’s your friend who gives you the promise ring, it must always be placed on your right ring finger. So, remember, left hand for romance, right hand for friendship.

You should also pay attention to what becomes of promise ring meaning for men. It’s not like you aren’t allowed to give a man a promise ring. It’s the looks, the appearance of the ring that you should focus on. Upon giving a male partner, be it a friend or boyfriend, you must consider giving him a ring that strongly indicates strength, but, not too overly masculine. Choose the one that is made out of tungsten carbide as this material possesses such a quality mentioned before. If the relationship is going on the more serious path, the ring can be used by your man somewhat as a pre-engagement ring.

Some Other Kind of Promise Ring Meaning You Can Derive

promise ring meaning for a girlfriendThe promise ring meaning can vary from one occasion to another. The promise ring meaning for a girlfriend can mean that the boy is ready for a more serious, more responsible relationship. Doing it for this purpose, the ring can simply be turned into a form of pre-engagement ring. This is a way used by a boy to signal his girlfriend of how he values the relationship and what he has in mind for the next. But bear in mind, gents, make sure that your girlfriend knows your purpose. Not knowing what she will get into will only result in backlash to you.

The promise ring meaning for couples can also be a little bit different. It could be about renewing a vow. It could be something about how an individual in that relationship will never go away. Things like those are urgently required if marriage has come to a phase where both parties start feeling a little bit estranged from each other.

So, do you still think that promise ring meaning isn’t of any goodness?

What s a Promise Ring? What is the Real Meaning behind It?

what promise rings representWhat s a promise ring? This question has been asked by some people who don’t really understand about the meaning behind a promise ring. If it is translated just simply by checking on the name, there is no doubt that the ring will be a symbol of a promise or something around that line. Well, if that is the assumption then there is nothing wrong because the promise rings is the symbol of a promise. It seems to be something charming right? And this is something sweet and romantic to be done in symbolizing the promise made between two people.

Certainly, the promise ring is often given between lovers but the promise ring can also be given to a lot other people for the various reasons or promises. A child may give his mother a promise ring if he wants to promise something to his mother. So, that is the answer for the question, what s a promise ring. Now that what promise ring mean already been known, everyone will be able to get a clear picture of how it looks and how sweet this thing is. Now, let’s take a look closer to the history of the promise ring and don’t be surprised with the long history it has. 

What s a Promise Ring and History behind It?

What s a promise ring and the history? It was all started a long time ago in 16th century. The promise rings were the symbols of commitments and of course promises. This kind of rigs apparently also being called as the friendship rings. This condition happens when a ring is given to someone but there are no particular promises or commitments. The rings will then symbolizes the friendship between the two people who give and take the ring instead of symbolizing the commitments or promises.

what promise ring mean

When asking what s a promise ring? Someone may also wonder why do people give promise rings? The promise ring is given as a promise for the further purposes. It is often used to show the intention of asking a woman to engage or married and that is what promise ring mean. Therefore the promise ring also often refers as the pre-engagement or pre-marriage ring. The rings will be put on the ring finger and will be replaced with wedding ring or the engagement ring. It surely sounds romantic and a lot of lovers will love the idea behind the ring.

What s a Promise Ring? Is It Just for Couples?

What s a promise ring? It is a ring to symbolize promises and other things and no, the promise ring is not only for couples because as mentioned before, the promise ring may also symbolize other things such as friendship. There will be time when a promise ring will be mentioned as the purity promise ring. This happens when someone has made a commitment or a promise to stop doing something. This kind of promise ring often being given by parents to their children after the children promise to remain pure until the day they got married.

The purity promise ring may also worn by the people who promise to refrain of doing things such as getting drunk, smoking, gambling and a lot other bad behavior. This is also what a promise rings represent. After understanding what s a promise ring, there might be some people who want to get the promise ring. There are a lot of jewelry shops those are selling the various sizes of the promise ring. There is a wide range of options for everyone and they may choose various designs for promise rings.

Meaning of a Promise Ring – What is actually the Mean?

meaning of a promise ringIt sounds do interesting when we talk more about the meaning of a promise ring. The promise ring is totally different with the engagement ring, but most people sometimes figure out that the promise ring has close meaning with the engagement ring. Many people today still believe that the tradition of giving a promise ring has been done for the long time ago. This old tradition then is still being done today but many people do not know what actually meaning of a promise ring for them. You must be one of them who are so curious to know the meaning of promise ring which is commonly given by the boyfriend to his girlfriend.

True meaning of a promise ring

Basically, true meaning of a promise ring has close relationship with the first step of building the seriousness between a man and a woman who love each others. This ring means a new and more serious commitment to run the love relationship to step closer to a marriage as well. So, when a man gives a promise ring to his girlfriend and vice versa means that the girl must fully understand the commitment of what the girl is doing and what the boy is getting. Both must understand how they must keep the promise of being together and what shouldn’t be done. Actually, the commitment here not always a couple’s commitments to be gain the serious love relationship. A commitment here also can be meant as a promise or a commitment between two friends who will keep the friendship where a sentence ‘I will be your truly best friend’ is said by someone to his/ her fellow. This doesn’t mean that a promise ring is only given by a man to his lover or a friend to another friend, it also can be given by a dad to his son/ daughter, and others in which this ring is a symbol of promise between two people. 

Misunderstanding of meaning of a promise ring

meaning of a promise ring for girlfriend

Unfortunately, most people have wrong idea about the meaning of a promise ring. They limit on a couple’s promise only to have been faithful each other. This misunderstanding has created a new meaning on society’s mind. And such condition affects the main reason for someone to give and receive the promise ring. Even, many people have named this ring as pre-engagement ring. Actually, there are several purposes on giving the promise ring. The ring is intended as religious promise ring, purity ring, friendship promise ring, and pre-engagement ring as what has been mentioned before.

Let’s talk more detail about a promise ring as pre-engagement ring. As the symbolism of a step forward to a marriage, there is a precious meaning of a promise ring from a boyfriend. For every girl who receives this ring, she must keep herself not to love another boy except her only one boyfriend. She also must face the consequence to be more faithful to her boyfriend because it is great possibility that her boyfriend may be her husband someday. So does the boy. Like a meaning of a promise ring for girlfriend, he must keep his promise to always love and be faithful to her.

So, it can be concluded as follows. A meaning of a promise ring can be changed depending on the intention and reason. This is actually a good idea since it will make everyone to keep the promise said by both. But in most recent, a promise ring is so identical with pre-engagement ring rather than as the purity ring, friendship promise ring, and religious promise ring. This happens because there is a misunderstanding on society’s perspective about the promise ring.

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