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Ring Size Chart For Men


ring size chart for menAs the wedding day draws near, you’d have to already have the ring for your soon-to-be husband. You can take the his finger measurements with special ring size chart for men and bring them to a jewelry store to get a ring that is suitable to the measurements. This is also of great benefits if you prefer customizing the ring to buying the already-made one. But just bear in mind, if you decide doing it in this more personal way, you should have done it earlier before the wedding preparation commences. It should come first, way before any of other preparation takes place. Ring measurement is the one that should predate other stages in wedding preparations.

Say you, “What makes it so darn important that it should be in prior?” It’s all because you are not the only one with personalization in mind, honey. There are bunch of people out there thinking just about the same thing. And that’s what entails wedding ring customization’s  You ought to make planning as earlier as you can. Put it simple, you have to book the ring maker before it’s too late as s/he has already been preoccupied with other people’s orders. Things will be much more bearable if you just buy the premade ring.

Nevertheless, this is not to discourage you, of course. It’s your wedding ceremony we are talking about. You have the full control over the decision of which way you would love to do it.

Where to Get Ring Size Chart for Men

The key to achieving perfect wedding ring—and by extension, perfect ceremony—is having a ring size chart for men. With it, you can perfectly measure of what size your partner’s finger is. Don’t go anywhere around just to search for such a chart and don’t even think about dragging your partner all the way just to get his finger measured. You don’t need any kind of tools, except maybe for a string—or ruler, and paper—but more on that later. You can find ring size chart for men online. Yes, the all-knowing internet also contains such a chart and all that is left for you to do is have your partner’s finger measured using the things we have talked about a moment ago.

Methods Used in Measuring Ring Size and How to match it to Ring Size Chart for Men

ring size chart for men onlineWrap the string around his finger base and mark the point where the string meets its loose end. Bring the string near to your computer displaying the newly-discovered ring-sizer and place the end at the given position accordingly to the diagram. The marked point you measure before will extent to the rows of numbers indicating the length of ring’s band. Where the point ends, that’s just how long the ring with its band expanded. That’s only one of the commonly-found methods in all kinds of ring size chart for men and women.

Or, if you don’t want to have anything to do with strings and stuffs, you can use a thin strip of paper instead. Same with the string, though, you will have to wrap it around the finger and do the point-marking things. Once a point has been marked, measure its length from the edge using a ruler, and compare it to the table provided, too, online, and voila! There you have the size of the ring you should have. For example, if the measurement on the paper shows 1.840 inches (46.8mm) as the length, that means you may buy or customize a ring in size 4.

Notwithstanding, you still can do it the easiest way so long as you can find yourself a candle and provided that your partner wears a preexisting ring on his finger. Now go borrow the ring that your partner wears and put it along the candle. Mark the point in the candle where the ring stops slipping through and bring it to the ring maker. Easy, that one is, right?

Some suggest that using ring size chart for men inches-based is a less accurate than millimeter to measure the length and compare it to ring size chart for men but, all in all, it comes back to whatever suits you best.

Tips on Getting Ring Size Chart for Men

Avoid at all costs measuring finger when the weather is chilly. The best time to do it is at the end of the day. Finger, as is the case with other parts on our body, adjust to climate. Mind you, the fingers shrink a bit when it’s cold out there. And they’re somewhat bigger in the afternoon. So measuring it and comparing it with ring size chart for men at its biggest size can be regarded as a precautions move just in case the ring will not fit swiftly just because you measure it when it it’s pretty shrunk.

Ring Size Adjuster

ring size adjusterIf your ring starts acting out like crazy it keeps on slipping through your finger, then the help of ring size adjuster is perhaps on the list. But let’s set that tool aside for a moment, will we? First, we ought to talk about what is causing the ring to act out. The reason to which this problem can be attributed is perhaps the weather. The climate change that occurs along with ongoing season of the year yields potentials to make changes to the size of your finger too. So, as the result, while in the summer your fingers can get fairly large, in winter they can shrink dramatically, allowing the ring you wear to slide through more easily.

Second, the next thing that contributes to such a mess is the miss in measurement taken place in prior. Perhaps, due to certain things, you were unable to take proper measurement of the finger before bringing it to the ring maker, resulting in pretty overly large ring in which case it can loosely fit into your knuckle but not tight enough to sit steadily on its place. The use of overly heavy stone on top of the ring can also be said to cause the ring to be unable being steady when worn.

In one of the events mentioned above, the presence of ring size adjuster can be of great help. The benefits derived from utilization of the tool are presented in the form of adjusting capability that sort of helps give the ring additional ‘cushion’ so that it can perfectly ‘stick’ to your finger without you have to adjust it by yourself every time you feel it is going to slip through. It might be so insignificant that you overlook its existence. But once you have managed to get one, the benefits are immeasurably great. You can have somewhat tighter ring without actually having it resized at jewelry store.

Where to get this ring size adjuster?

ring size adjuster walmartOne of the best places to get ring size adjuster is Wal-Mart. As a power-supermarket, there is barely anything it cannot provide. And being a hyper-mart itself, Wal-Mart is ready to help you solve the problems of runny rings in handy. As to the subject of ring size adjuster walmart price, you can rest assured that you can only get the most affordable stuffs from it. It is said that for a set of ring size adjuster in Wal-Mart, consisted of 4 items, you only need to pay for $4, meaning that each only costs you $1. So, it is safe to say that using this tool, you can simply and virtually resize your ring without having to go through all tormenting processes, like visiting the jeweler and paying some more extra bucks. You do not even need to make adjustments repeatedly every year.

What are Suitable Ring Size  Adjuster Materials?

Then, we have the talks about ring size adjuster materials. This is an important part you should take a note on. Being a part of the accessory itself, you need to take the matter of skin sensitivity into account as some of the materials will cause you unbearable irritation which will result in severe skin problems if left untreated. Talking about suitable materials, we cannot kind of un-think this problem. Some people may have higher tolerance toward metals, while being highly intolerant towards other stuffs like rubber. So, it’s kind of match possibility we have to deal with when talking about this matter.

ring size adjuster silverIf you are a kind of a person whose ring size is considerably affected by weather, then using ring size adjuster silicone is a smart move, provided that your skin can take the materials fairly friendly. This material can simply adjust to the change upon the size of your finger which, in turn, constantly adjusts to the condition of climate. So, when your finger gets smaller, the adjuster tightens. When it is bigger, the adjuster loosens. It is completely finger-friendly, right?

If your skin is not affected by certain metals, though, you can go for ring size adjuster silver. Being a metal, constant changes upon the size of the finger slightly cannot be dealt with in more flexible manner, thanks to its nature that is sort of fixed state. But for another good reason, silver adjuster can somewhat blend itself with the accessories even more so if the ring is made of silver itself.

If it’s the stone that’s causing the crazy movement of your ring, then ring size adjuster plastic might just be the perfect one for you. It keeps the ring on place and tightens the grip even more.

So, choose whatever ring size adjuster that fits perfectly to your skin and what type of annoyance you are suffering from your ring.

Mens Ring Sizes Standard

mens ring sizes chartSome men want to wear a ring in their wedding or engagement day. Actually, there are several stores which offered wedding and engagement rings for men. One of the problems to face before buying the right ring is on the size of the ring itself. Sometimes, men finger size is bigger and larger than women finger size. For that reason, it is important for you to learn more about mens ring sizes so later you can get the perfect ring to wear in your wedding or engagement. Definitely, it is important for your own comfortableness and confidence. Just make sure that everything is good in the wedding or engagement day including when your beloved one put the ring to your finger.

Tips to Measure Mens Ring Sizes

It is a little bit difficulty for you to determine mens ring sizes but you can make mens ring sizes simple if you know the way to measure the ring and the finger. Actually, there are several ways to measure the finger so you can get the perfect wedding or engagement ring. First, it is better for you not to measure your finger in cold weather. This is because your finger is in its smallest size in cold weather. Second, you have to measure the finger in its biggest condition. In this case, you can just measure the finger at the end of the day. Third, to make sure that you get the right measurement, it is necessary for you to make two times or more for better accuracy. If it is too complicated for you, it means you can just get the information about mens ring sizes by seeing the mens ring sizes chart. Commonly, the ring stores are available with the ring size chart to helps their buyers. Remember! Each store has their standard and you have to check it carefully. It is also important to compare between one ring store and another.

Mens Ring Sizes Chart and Standard

mens ring sizesTalking about the ring sizes for men, some of mens ring sizes are based on US and Canada standard. The standard mens ring sizes in mm is also showed to the buyers to make sure that they get the best wedding or engagement ring sizes. Let say, you take a ring in size 4 it means the circumference of the ring is 46.8mm. In another case, you have a little bit big finger and you need to get 5 ½ ring size. It means you have to buy a ring with 50.6mm size. Actually, 4 is the smallest ring size and 18 is the biggest size of the ring for men.Besides the US and Canada standard, you can also check mens ring sizes in international standard. In international size standard, the mens ring sizes diameters taken from several countries. Besides US and Canada, the international standard is also using the size of Australia, British, Japanese, Swiss, French, and Germany. Interestingly, the size is not only performed in numbers but also in the form of letters. You can check the mens ring sizes based on British, Irish, and Australian. In this case, H becomes the smallest ring size and Z9 becomes the biggest ring size. You can start to check the detail of the ring first and then you can check the size. If you think the ring is the best one, you can order it and wear the ring in the wedding or engagement day. This kind of step is important consideration especially if you were about to buy a wedding or engagement ring online. It is also possible to find mens ring sizes in your understanding measurement such as mens ring sizes in cm because it is included on the chart sometimes. Hopefully, it helps you a lot to get not only the best ring but also a comfortable ring to wear.

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