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The Ever-magnificent Blue Topaz Rings


blue topaz rings Choosing blue topaz rings over other kinds of rings is perhaps nothing but smart move you can make. The reason being topaz is a gemstone which is quite hard to find in nature, giving a sense of sensuous rarity to the ring it adorns. It is also a great move you can make if you want to place a twist in your wedding ceremony, especially when in fact the wedding is set to follow a more traditional tone. Adding a ring with this gemstone to the completion of the ceremony will create an unforgettable combination of modernity and tradition at the same time. Thus, this is a perfect tool you may use too to turn an ordinary wedding ceremony into becoming one that attendees will never forget, or it can also be a source of inspiration for others who are currently on the search for the great wedding party.

The topaz name is derived from Sanskrit ‘tapas’ that translates into ‘fire’ or ‘heat’. The Hebrew word ‘tapooz’ that translates into ‘the orange fruit’ is also thought to be the source of the name topaz we know today. In its purest state, a topaz is usually transparent or colorless. The color it bears is caused by the mixture of other impurities which alter the pure topaz color and give us varieties the likes of brown, yellow, grey, or orange. The blue topaz rings use topaz which has been treated by heating or irradiating. The base colors of the topaz prior to heating or irradiating commonly encompass the grey, colorless, or yellow. It is hard to find blue-colored topaz at large and because of this reason, people then try to manipulate the preexisting topaz to create new one.

The Price of Blue Topaz Rings

The blue topaz rings are not less beautiful than the diamond rings. In fact, most of budget-conscious couples will opt for choosing this type of rings because they are less expensive too as compared to diamond. So, putting topaz on a ring in lieu of diamond may be a great step to take if money is a concern. The blue topaz rings for women can still give some leverage for the wearers although their price is way cheaper than the diamond ones.

The price of a piece of ring at the blue topaz rings for sale ranges from $99 to $100. So, yes, it is pretty much affordable, isn’t it?

That being said, it does not mean that you can always have affordable blue topaz rings as the price is also determined by the materials that build the ring itself. If your ring uses highly pricey precious metals as the basis, there is a big chance that the price of that ring will spike through the roof. Even if you choose to reduce cost by picking metals cheaper than gold, say, platinum, there is still another thing you have to overcome: the settings. More intricate settings with milgrain and filigree being added and combined at the same time will increase the probability of that ring being overly expensive. Intricacies bespeak highly minute attention which can sometimes be painstakingly detailed. Therefore, if you don’t do the selection carefully and with full attention, those aspects’ combined efforts will eventually knock you back.

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Combinations for Blue Topaz Rings

Still, this is not to say that there is only limited option you may have if you go for blue topaz rings. Let’s take a look at the blue topaz rings white gold. This combination works best by their merged color hue. The ring is white in color, shiny and completely full of classic sense. The blue color of topaz, on the contrary, will create an opposing effect in which the bluish tint of the topaz may counterbalance the overtly and stunningly shines the gold radiates.

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And although early on this discussion you are told that blue topaz rings are perfect for diamond substitution, that doesn’t mean that the two cannot go along with each other very well. The blue topaz rings with diamonds decorative beads will provide you with all you need in having perfect wedding ceremony. The settings you may want to apply on to the ring varied based on your personal preference. You may try the halo setting for the blue topaz rings in which the topaz is the center stone and smaller beads of diamond can be arranged encircling it.

London Blue Topaz Ring, the Melancholy Color of the Princess

london blue topaz ringLondon blue topaz ring might be a perfect gift for the beloved one. This ring with the crystal clear blue gemstone will be great to be given and worn by the people who are or even more precious than the gemstone itself. Imagine this beautiful topaz gemstone sits upon a ring or the other kinds of jewelries such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chokers or even tiaras. Beautiful gemstones will always become the beautiful and worthy stuff and even able to enhance the appearance of the jewelries. Some designs for the jewelries even have the topaz gemstones as the main star on the jewelries.

Choices of Topaz Rings Other Than London Blue Topaz Ring

Topaz has a wide variety of colors. There are more than just blue color because there will be a lot other colors. The most common colors to be found is wine, pale gray, blue brown, yellow and the reddish-orange colors. However, there are also other colors those considered being rare such as the pale green, pink, blue, reddish-yellow, opaque and also colorless or white. The London blue topaz ring usually has the quite rare topaz color which is blue and will be available in the various designs such as the London blue topaz ring sterling silver.

London blue topaz ring will be great to be seen because its color is so pleasant to look at. The precious color of blue is not only owned by sapphire but also belongs to topaz. But of course, there will be several differences in the term of blue color had by topaz as well as sapphire. There is a rather wide range of blue in topaz and all of them are gorgeous colors to be seen. The most common blue color of topaz that can be found is the blue brown but the London blue topaz usually has darker and clearer color of blue that almost looks like sapphire and will be gorgeous for the London blue topaz ring yellow gold. 

Options of Jewelries with London Blue Topaz Ring

london blue topaz ring princess diana

The blue color of London topaz can be combined with the various metals including the yellow gold. However, the yellow gold is not the favorite option to be made because there are a lot of people who prefer the London blue topaz ring white gold because it looks more elegant. The color of white gold will complement the dark blue color of London topaz. There have been some women who made similar statements that they feel like Lady Diana when they wear the London blue topaz ring especially when the design resemble to Lady Diana’s engagement ring.
With the dark blue color of topaz that goes very well with the white gold, jewelers purposely created the rings those resemble the engagement ring of Lady Diana, the blue topaz ring often called as London blue topaz ring Princess Diana. Just imagine the engagement ring that now belongs to Kate Middleton. The most noticeable difference is the original ring has sapphire instead of London topaz. But the imitations can be as beautiful as the original even if the gemstones being used are London topaz. The London blue topaz ring has the charming attractiveness that somehow cannot be refused.

London blue topaz ring will be a great jewelry to be collected and given to the beloved one as a gift or when a man wants to propose the woman they love. It is certainly a precious ring that will charm the heart of the people who see it. It is hard to resist the charm had by the ring with the gorgeous and mythical color of London topaz. The gemstone has the great charm and will too gorgeous to be ignored.

Blue Topaz Ring as Variants

blue topaz ring

Blue topaz ring is one of the rings that offer luxury for every woman who wears it. It is so identical with shiny blue gemstone that will make everyone impressed and want to own it. As the engagement ring, blue topaz ring must be special and sweet surprise for woman getting it. A woman will be the most beautiful in her engagement moment when her man wear her luxurious and classy engagement ring. Not only blue topaz ring which is available on jewelry shops, we also can find out blue topaz earrings and blue topaz pendants on jewelry shops.

The popularity of blue topaz ring guard has been spreading out in all around the world. Many countries use this ring not only as the engagement ring but also as the wedding rings, Celtic knots, claddagh rings, petite and sweet ring, men’s ring, curls, filigree, swirls ring,  Couture collection ring, timeless elegance, bold ring, and blue topaz  trinity ring. These rings become the variants of blue topaz ring that can be discovered easily on jewelry centers. Just pick one up and see how luxurious and beautiful it is. Even though blue topaz is not expensive as diamond, it’s still beautiful gemstone which will make the ring and other kinds of jewelry shiner as luxurious as the original diamond. Its blue color on the gemstone will be glowing and dazzling for the eyes which staring at.

The ancient people believe that blue topaz has meaning behind its greenish blue. blue topaz ring meaning consist of increasing the eyesight, reducing the stress, increasing mental clarity, improving communication, concentration, relieving  insomnia, and prevent the physical diseases. 

Shapes of blue topaz ring cuts

Like diamond rings, there are some shapes of blue topaz gemstones that are applied on any kinds of rings and other jewelry types. The shapes of blue topaz ring zales include trillion, oval, emerald –cut, cushion, marquise, pear, princess, round, and heart. Each blue topaz gemstone-cut will be suited with the type of blue topaz ring. For example, for men’s’ blue topaz rings, the designer of ring commonly customizes emerald-cut because this shape is the most matching shape of gemstone for men. Then, the blue sparkling gemstones will be more dazzling with 14k yellow gold or 14k white gold. But most people prefer the white gold to the yellow gold because it looks more elegant and classy. The white gold represents modernity and contemporary style, they say.

Blue Topaz Ring Metal Kinds

blue topaz ring meaning

On jewelry shop centers, there are hundreds collections of blue topaz ring as well as blue topaz necklaces, bracelets, and also various models of blue topaz pendants. But through blue topaz ring ebay, we can discover more variants of blue topaz rings. The white and yellow gold may be the most metal kinds that are used as the main material of blue topaz jewelry. But here we will be presented with other metal kinds that will be designed and shaped into beautiful and artistic shapes of ring. What are the metal kinds to make these beautiful blue topaz rings? They are silver, titanium, palladium, and platinum.  Each metal used for making the rings are the best selection metal in which it will increase the value of  rings either aesthetic value or prestige.

As one of classy and luxurious rings, blue topaz rings are designed into several styles. Modern/ contemporary blue topaz ring styles is  the most wanted one because the style offers the simplicity and elegance which are so matching with modern life. Then, classic blue topaz rings style is the next style in which this style still performs its beauty in this modern world. Many jewelers say that classic blue topaz rings style is long lasting style and never fade away till now. And vintage blue topaz rings style is the last that offers us the most recent style today. Now you have known blue topaz rings in more details, so it’s you turn to decide what the most favorite of blue topaz ring.