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The Indestructibility of Titanium Wedding Rings


titanium wedding ringsNobody knows precisely about who first created titanium wedding rings. Such rings were featured in 1989’s movie The Abyss but available widely on the market in 1990s. By 2000s, titanium rings saw increase in large scale production and sales. While at the beginning, titanium rings were only made available as something to complete a jeweler’s collection, there are now jewelers that specialize on selling the ring exclusively. First discovered in 1791 in England by William Gregor, titanium, the main material for the rings is a kind of metal used in wide area of engineering like airplane manufacturing. However, the cost needed to extract titanium can be considerably high, resulted from the laborious process to do that. While titanium is costly for engineering purposes, for jewelry-making, it is considered cheaper even than silver.

An element of modern invention, titanium wedding rings can be divided into two large groups: commercial pure and aircraft grade. The purity of commercial pure-titanium ring is about 99.2% while the aircraft grade is usually made out of combination of titanium/aluminum/vanadium with 90%/6%/4% in comparison ration. Gemstones and other jewelry materials may be involved in the making of titanium wedding rings but the rings themselves are still referred to as titanium rings regardless of how many amount of this metal is added to the combination.

Why Titanium Wedding Rings?

Being of recent phenomenon, there are several reasons people choose the titanium wedding rings over other kinds of ring. First and foremost, the rings made out of this metal are more appealing as it is considered way cheaper than other precious metals, like gold. But, unlike gold, that is often associated with traditional, conservative, and old-fashion sense, a ring of titanium material is regarded way more urban and modern, thus making it suitable for today’s people.

You are prone to allergy caused by wearing jewelries of certain materials? Most of titanium wedding rings for women do not do any harm to even a person who is less tolerant toward irritating metals. Therefore, titanium rings are biocompatible, meaning that they do not bear any level of toxicity to human’s body. So, by wearing this kind of rings, you will be spared from having any allergic reaction whatsoever.

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The wedding rings made of this metal are also corrosion-proof—unless, you plunge them into a cup of acid with high concentration because that’s when they will get dissolved. Seawater, some acids with weaker corrosive properties, and chlorine as well as aqua regia; try throwing these at titanium and you will get nothing. That’s just how hard to destruct titanium wedding rings.

Titanium rings sport higher resistance towards fatigue, meaning that the strength they have will not easily wear out due to prolonged use. Although this resistance depends on the composition of the ring, any known composition of titanium ring still shows higher level as compared to other metals.

Because of this, a titanium ring is never easy to resize. It could be done, but hard. To what size a titanium ring can be reduced is so limited that people often let it be the way it was. It is this matter of strength that leads people into thinking that the only way to treat individuals having accident that causes their titanium wedding rings stuck is by cutting off the fingers where the ring is located. On the contrary, a titanium ring is only a little bit difficult to cut off than gold. It is just about as hard as steel when it comes to sawing-resistance. A bit hard, indeed, people will have to put more efforts to cut the ring off the finger, but it’s not anywhere near impossible.

The aircraft grade titanium wedding rings are known to be strongest as well the most lightweight variant of all. This distinct strength can be the reason for you to get titanium wedding rings for men. They are strong without having to leave the essence of beauty behind.

Which Titanium Wedding Rings to Buy?

Read any available titanium wedding rings reviews for this matter. You can find them to be a lot more helpful rather than trying to find one on your own. Also, you need to know about titanium wedding rings sets. Settings on titanium rings appear as inlays, which look a lot like scratches but actually tiny channels filled with other metal like gold. They can also appear as some kind of small beads of gemstones being ‘implanted’ to the surface of the ring. Pick the titanium wedding rings that have inlays match to your preference.

Design Your Own Wedding Ring with the Help of the Internet

design your own wedding ringIf you could, would you rather design your own wedding ring than entrusting other people with this subject? If you say yes, then what causes you to want something like that? Is it about you having bad experiences when designing the ring with others in the past? Is it about you not trusting anyone else to be able making or presenting you with rings that in every way possible is suitable for your taste? Is it about there is someone else simply suggesting you to do it your own way? Or, is it merely about how you want to make it more personal?

Well, whatever the reason might be, if you choose to design your own wedding ring, you would better be hurry. If you choose to hold a wedding ceremony right in the middle of the so called wedding season, you may get into a race as you are not alone. There are many people out there who probably have the same idea about the date. And, talking about designing a ring, before you, there might be hundreds of individuals waiting in line on a jewelry store just to submit their orders, be it simply buying special ring or customizing one. So there is that. And we have not even talked just yet about how capable you are in using your imagination to design your own wedding ring. Failure to meet every aspect required in designing a ring and your ring will end up being just a crappy piece of metal. So what to do to tackle this issue, then? Is there any way out you may take?


A Simple Way to Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Indeed, there is a way out you may take to deal with this problem. Instead of waiting in line on a jewelry store, why don’t you just design your own wedding ring online? See, the problem is that you may think that internet only offers you only to buy wedding ring. But once you can dig deeper into it, you can even find an online jewelry store through which you can materialize your dream to design your own wedding ring. Internet is not all about solely selling. Well, if you count the service that allows you to make your own design as something that sells, it is true that internet contains only selling stuffs. But think of it in another way. You can help yourself to save more time. All you need to do is sit in front of your computer, like you are doing right now, and place the order after making certain adjustments. There is no queuing required; there is no jostling up with other customers. Everything is made simple through the internet. You can even design your own wedding ring men-oriented, meaning that you may help your future husband to have his own great little ring.

Please Look at This Step in Picture

So what is the Step Required to Design Your Own Wedding Ring?

You might want to alter the question a little it into: “What ARE the steps?” There are stages required for you to be able to design your own wedding ring through the internet.

  • First, after you have managed finding out the proper online jewelry store that provides “design your own wedding ring” feature on its website, you will be brought into a page where there are displayed to you complete catalogue and portfolio of the store’s original collections. Now don’t turn your face over just yet, this is not a way the store take to sell to you. You can utilize the catalogue for reference as to whatever type or shape you would love to have your ring in. Draw as much inspiration as possible by looking at each of them.
  • Second, you will be able to save the ‘notes’ you take after seeing the collections into a separated folder. This is a stage where you can collect or gather the scattered ideas you may derive from the previous catalogue
  • Third, you will be asked about the center stone and whether or not you want to design your own wedding ring set. If you are no expert in gemology, fear not for asking the ring makers working on that particular jewelry store.
  • Fourth, after completing above steps, you can send the complete overview of the looks of the ring you want to design to the ring makers on that website. All that is left for you now is waiting patiently while the makers work on your order. They will only work based on the request so make sure you have managed determining the final look of the ring you want to have.

Although you can design your own wedding ring free of charges, the actual ring will cost you some money. So, do you still have some doubts in your mind to design your own wedding ring?

The Essentially Elegant Black Pearl Ring

black pearl ring

One thing about black pearl ring: it is perfect or you who want to have more uniqueness on the appearance. Pearl is commonly white. So when you manage getting an accessory adorned with black pearl, you can expect something eclectic and not-so-regular out of it. Combined with beautifully made filigree, you will be able to get an elegant yet so down to earth quality.

Black pearl is a pearl produced inside the body of black lip oyster (Pinctada margaritifera-cumingi), which is regularly seen in Persian Gulf, Fiji, Tahiti, Myanmar, Indian Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Baja California. The official name for this type of pearl is Tahitian pearl but due to its distinct color, it is easier to call it based on this, hence, the name black pearl. This gemstone is of organic nature since in production, there is big possibility that an oyster will reject the material of inorganic nature. Interestingly, although they are named ‘black’ due to their somewhat blackish colors, it is not rate to see a black pearl having additional color hues underlying their blackness, like pink, or purple. And for this reason, the pearls are invariably perfect to be utilized in making jewelries like, for example, a black pearl ring.

Prevalence of Black Pearl Ring

For the reason of its beauty, unsurprisingly, black pearl ring accessories have prevailed even to the extent where many video games are known to widely employ it for completing a character’s gears. And because of this, we then have the black pearl ring ffxiv. The existence of such an accessory has been very well-received by players alike due to the fact that when a character played by one is equipped with it, then it grants the character higher level of power to complete a journey. Players of the FF-XIV of Final Fantasy famed franchise will be able to have more critical damage when his/her character dons this accessory. Probably, as this is only an assumption, the game makers are paying tribute to the majesty of black pearl ring in general. So, it is arguably the most perfect way in showing amusement to eventually add this accessory up to the game play. 

Dark Age of Camelot is also one of the games that utilize the presence of this accessory. Hence, we have black pearl ring daoc which grants the user higher level of critical damage and stuffs. The item is the type of thing a monster would drop off during a quest undertaken by a player.

black pearl ring wow

The black pearl ring wow is also something that can help a player enjoy gaming time even more. In this game of World of Warcraft franchises, a player might have his/her character’s intellectual level upped along with its stamina. The accessory is obtained after encountering Lady Vespira at level 17.

Seeing this fact that says a lot about how abundantly-used a black pearl ring (albeit different variants) is in very much loved games, we could say that the reason their makers often incorporate the item into their game play being related to the fact of how grand the looks of the accessory itself. So, you are not supposed to feel aversion when offered a kind of a ring employing black pearl on it.

Combining Black Pearl Ring with Diamond

But, let’s leave gamers with their game as we deal with our business of black pearl ring. So, if you still feel some timid reluctance in using black pearl to incorporate onto your ring, you can always alter the jewelry a little bit. As the result, you can have black pearl ring with diamonds decorating the surrounding of the gemstone. It is not something wrong to, after all. Small beads of diamonds being applied and arranged in adjacent to the black pearl sitting atop your ring may only increase the beauty of the jewelry itself in the end.

You can still opt for plain black pearl ring, but the effect wouldn’t be as dramatic as you would love to be. A plain ring with no or so little decoration on it is great, but it might be plainly great. But by adding some diamonds into it, you will get a black pearl ring that is stunningly, dramatically, elegantly, and incredibly beautiful at the same time. But be very aware of the materials that construct the ring band itself. Several materials can even make the rings’ price illogically high that you might need to take a second before buying it.

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