Little Guide on Buying 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings


2 carat diamond engagement ringsIf you insist on buying or choosing 2 carat diamond engagement rings, you must be swung by that number 2 indicating the carat, mustn’t you? Yes, 2 carats diamond is heavy. It is probably big, too. You can be easily dazzled when the jeweler said that that diamond on the ring you pointed at inside the display is of 2 carat in weight. But did you know that number indicating the carat of a diamond does not always correspond to its weight? A 1 carat diamond can be as big as a 2 carat diamond, albeit different weight, just so you know. So, don’t think carat means size. It is weight. You should not pick a diamond based on what it ostensibly shows you. It is how it looks when actually put on the ring that matters.

However, one thing for sure is that bigger carat means bigger amount of money. So, opting to go for 2 carat diamond engagement rings means you must be ready to dip into your wallet and grab some money out of it. If you care not so much for money, then have your way with it. But if you do, then you must pay extra attention to selecting the most perfect diamond ring that is worth your money. You surely do not want to waste your money on something that is not perfectly made, do you? And let’s not confuse carat for karat, shall we? Carat is a term applied exclusively to the weight of a diamond while karat is a measurement of how pure gold is. So don’t make your jewelry maker laugh at your words questioning how many karats that golden ring you love to take a look at weighs in. Although it is easy to determine the unit, diamonds’ true weight is not something we can always predict.

The 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings Criterion

Due to this imprecise nature of diamonds’ weight, many sellers of jewelries make a good use out of it by telling their customers different things about their items’ true status. So, this is also one of the things you need to tackle, which can be easily handled by asking for official documents explaining the true nature of the 2 carat diamond engagement rings you are going to buy.

Before advancing in buying 2 carat diamond engagement rings, there are several things you need to fully understand about diamond’s four-Cs: color, clarity, cut, and of course, carat.

Photo Gallery of 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings


Diamond is said to be in its greatest shape when it is colorless. It should be transparent, like glass transparent; lights pass through it perfectly. Diamonds of this quality will usually cost more money to buy while the ones with yellowish tints are way cheaper. Clarity of a diamond is measured by seeing whether or not there are flaws and inclusions within it. The cleaner it is, the more expensive. The cut of a diamond is associated not so much to its shape. It is easy to say that 2 carat diamond engagement rings princess cut means the diamond is shaped with certain form called princess cut. Contrary to that believe, though, the cut means exactly what it is—cut. Cuts determine a diamond’s brilliance and can be best described as facets, smaller surface on the surface of a diamond. The more facets a diamond has, the more brilliant it will be. Cut also plays a role in giving a diamond its capability to reflect lights, hence the shines.

What Else Determines 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings Price?

Next thing that will most likely determine the price of diamond rings is the brand that makes them. For example, one of the 2 carat diamond engagement rings tiffany manufactures cost starting from US$28.000. And that’s just a starter price, there will be a lot more things that may affect and change it altogether. On the flipside, one of the 2 carat diamond engagement rings zales sells cost only US$3.799. Cheap? Yes. But that’s only because it has lower rank in terms of color and clarity.

Another best way to relieve your desire is through the 2 carat diamond engagement rings wholesale dealer. Sure, the price is still pretty high if you have a fixed perspective for the matter of money. But buying 2 carat diamond engagement rings through dealers will sometimes give you unexpected surprise.