Things to Consider before Buying 2 Carat Engagement Ring


2 carat engagement ring The term ‘2 carat engagement ring’ means that the ring has a diamond as its center stone measuring to, well, 2 carats. But, do not ever confuse carat with karat. Carat is exclusively applied to measuring the weight of a diamond, while karat is used to describe the amount of gold content compared relatively to the other elements constructing the material. Also, a diamond’s carat number does not relate to its size. 2 carat diamond does not necessarily need to be twice bigger than 1 carat. So, always bear in mind that a 2 carat engagement ring may look a little bit smaller than, say, 1 carat engagement rings. If there is a diamond you hold on your hand right now, and it is heavy, there is a big chance it has bigger carat. But this is only to give you more visualization, of course, as to measure a diamond’s weight may take you some times. And guess what, since you do not know how to measure precisely the weight of a diamond, many sellers twist this fact and augment the weight of a diamond they sell when you ask them about it.

With that being said, it is not like you cannot draw information about the actual weight of a 2 carat diamond ring you want to buy. By simply asking the sellers for official certificate, you may know just how much that diamond ring you wish to buy weighs. Such a certificate is usually issued by certain bodies that grade a piece of sold diamond ring, like AGS or American Gem Society. If there is a certificate the sellers are capable of showing you for each diamond they offer you, then you may trust what they say about the weight of that jewelry—after comparing it to the information written or stated on the certificate, for sure. If it is the other way, you might want to move on, then.

How to Determine Perfect 2 Carat Engagement Ring Price

In determining the 2 carat engagement ring price, you should know that the bigger the carat, the higher its price. So, don’t get all infuriated if the 2 carat engagement ring you love will cause you to have to drain out the entire savings you have collected for the rest of your life. Don’t squawk at the sellers, either, as you may have made yourself banned from ever setting your feet there for the eternity. There is this 4 Cs rule you have to remember before buying any kind of perfect diamond: color, clarity, cut, and, of course, carat.

If you wish you could have a perfect diamond in term of color, you have to know beforehand that ‘perfect diamond’ is the most transparent one. Make sure you have a 2 carat engagement ring with diamond that is as colorless as possible. The color of a diamond is measured with alphabetic grading, with D as the most colorless and Z as the one with deeply-colored tints.

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If a diamond shows no blemishes, spots, or any other kind of flaws or inclusions; then it is perfect, ranked as FL–Flawless. The most-flawed diamonds are ranked I–Included (which is then separated into three subdivisions with I3 being the class for diamonds with blemishes so large that naked eyes can recognize without even squinting.)

While most people associate cut with shape, cut actually refers to the level of brilliance of a diamond. This is perhaps the hardest quality to determine from a diamond as it is more like personal preference. Of course people love highly brilliant diamonds but this property is shaped with the help of the presence of the facets on the surface of the diamond.

And then there is one; carat. We have covered this early on; the higher the carat, the higher the price.

So How Much a 2 Carat Engagement Ring Would Cost You?

Say, you have 10.000 bucks in your wallet and you wonder you could buy a 2 carat engagement ring princess cut. Possible? Sure. Quality? Not so much. With 10.000 bucks, you may want to consider taking J-SI class of a diamond. And we haven’t even touched the matter of settings and ring band materials. Actually, 10.000 bucks can afford 1 carat engagement ring rather than two, with better quality. While you can afford a so-so diamond, why not spend the money for something that is exactly perfect for style and budget? But if you insist, the $3.799 2 carat engagement ring zales provides may be enough for you. That seems to be cheap enough, indeed, but check out for its specs: Princess cut, 2 carats, H – I color range, and of I1 – I2 clarity. The cut and the weight may be close to what you expect, but have a look at that color and clarity range.

Also, you ought to be able to think about how the 2 carat engagement ring on hand would look. Don’t let the 2 carat engagement ring you’ve just bought doesn’t fit to your finger just because you failed to measure it correctly.