Prosperity Brought Forth by Canary Diamond Engagement Rings


Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to the term shocking yellow, the canary diamond engagement rings are the cream of the crop. Why? Well, it’s because the canary diamonds are stunningly, shockingly, and piercingly yellow. In the diamond world, there is this special class in which colored diamonds are typically named fancy-colored diamonds. While the common diamonds are transparent or colorless, those diamonds of yellow color categorized fancy, denoting the ‘unexpected’ discoloration due to involvement of impurities or any other factors. Yellow-colored diamonds indeed do exist in nature, but rare. So rare are these diamonds they merely make for 0.1% of the total amount of diamonds known to occur naturally. Due to this nature of rarity, humans then try to find another way to treat a diamond into becoming one that suits their tastes. In this case, some diamonds of certain colors are heated to the point where their color turns yellow. So, based on this point of view, we can determine whether or not certain canary diamond engagement rings are expensive. Natural canary diamond rings are commonly higher in price when compared to the others using synthetically-made canary diamond. In fact, most of canary diamonds sold on the market today are treated varieties so there are less number of natural ones. Diamonds are divided into two bigger class based on the presence of impurities within a diamond and how these impurities influence the way that diamond absorbs and reflects light. Canary diamonds find their place on Type I, whose members all have capabilities to absorb ultraviolet and infrared. Gemological Institute of America provides data and information as well as guide for you to know whether canary diamond engagement rings are natural or synthetic.

Settings Suitable For Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

The common setting used in the making of canary diamond engagement rings is to combine the yellow/canary diamond (as the center stone) with other pieces of smaller beads of diamonds of other colors. Or, it could be done the other way around where the yellow diamonds are used instead as the side stones. Two things that are of great importance when you are thinking of buying canary diamond engagement rings are clarity and color. While carat is more like affected by the level of affordability you have, cut helps improve the looks or appearances of the diamond and how the piece will react to light thus enhance the color. The size (not the carat) affects the intensity of the diamond’s color, too. The bigger the diamond is, the deeper the color.

Speaking of canary diamond engagement rings cuts you may have to look into, there are several of them which you can try to find, namely: emerald cut, princess cut, cushion cut, round cut, marquise cut, heart cut, pear cut, oval cut, and radiant cut. Common carat used for this kind of diamonds ranges from 0.12 to 5, although in some cases, there are ones with higher than 5. This matter of carat greatly affects the canary diamond engagement rings prices that the higher the carat is, the higher the prices will be. The canary diamond engagement rings cost varies from $1,000s to $7,000s for the ones with 1.27 to 1.70 carat.

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Meaning Of Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

Arguably, the most famous variant of this ring are canary diamond engagement rings harry winston sells. Diamond rings sold by this brand are famously popular amongst celebrities. Actor Ben Affleck was engaged to his current wife, Jennifer Garner, by giving her a canary diamond ring and indeed the 4.5 carat sparkler is stunning.

The canary diamond engagement rings meaning is borne by its color. Yellow is the color of cheerfulness. It is also commonly associated with sunlight. So it’s all about warmth and happiness. Bringing these two aspects into an engagement will hopefully create the literal effect for the relationship itself. Prosperity is also expected to be included into the relationship so that the couple will never have any significance trials when they embark on the journey of love.

Tip for those who are interested in choosing this kind of ring: to make canary diamond engagement rings shine even brightly, put the diamond on a ring made out of white gold or platinum. This material will help increase the shine of the diamond. If you intend to use the diamond with side stones, pick ones that are orange or red in color.