A Story about Conflict Free Engagement Rings


conflict free engagement ringsAre you familiar with what is called conflict free engagement rings? The ‘conflict-free’ part of that term usually refers to the diamonds used on the rings. So, what about those diamonds? The diamonds you choose to be used as the center stones for the ring must be free of conflict, meaning, they are not mined from an area that currently is or had been in war and in inhumane way. Ah, so you are familiar with the term blood diamonds, then? Yes, blood diamonds, conflict diamonds, war diamonds, hot diamonds, converted diamonds; call them what you want as they are just  the terms referring to the same one type of diamonds—the ones that are sold to finance rebel, riots, or insurgencies and invasion. Basically saying, those diamonds bear bad effects in their sale.

In 2003, the U.S. government approved the adoption of the Kimberly Process. Kimberly Process is a procedure in which every diamond sold in the U.S. has been well-certified so as to not allowing any of those blood diamonds to even make entry past the country’s borderline. It is also a procedure in tracking and certifying the entire diamonds manufactured or sold by the entire jewelry brands in the world. This is done in prevention against the selling of any kind of diamonds that are sold to finance war and anything that follows. So, do you have conflict free engagement rings?

Reasons to Only Wear Conflict Free Engagement Rings

So, by making sure that you and your partner both wear only conflict free engagement rings, you already have helped shape the world into a better place. Well, okay, that may be too far, but at least that is one single and little step that when constructed along with others doing the same deed, can be of greater impact in reducing war potentials.

  • 1. If you still choose to wear non conflict free engagement rings, you must keep in your mind that the diamonds used on those rings may have cause death to innocents. As those diamonds are mined from a war zone, and oftentimes not by those commit the war themselves, thousands of souls had been sacrificed just to draw the stones out of the earth. It is done amidst the bombings, through bullets and all. Would you still wear something tainted with others’ blood?
  • 2. In correlation with number one, by strictly wearing conflict free engagement rings, you help fight poverty off. Many of the miners are from low class people with less educational background and even less payment given to them for doing the job. Would you still wear something so shiny yet comes from the effort of the underpaid?
  • 3. Again, still in conjunction with previous entries, those blood diamonds are mined by the underage trained children. Would you still show the diamonds you have off to your friends, even after you already know that it’s those little hands that do the job extracting the diamonds out of the streams?
  • 4. Kimberly Process, no matter how noble its purpose is, still cannot deal with human right issues. It only determines whether a diamond comes from a war zone or not. So, it pretty much covers only the basic and there are still many stores out there selling blood diamonds.
  • 5. If you live in New York, then go for the conflict free engagement rings nyc. The non conflict-free ones are often flown across the ocean, meaning there is a lot more carbon emission being involved. The conflict-free ones are also mined bearing more environmental consciousness along with it.
  • 6. The non conflict-free diamond rings are by no means cheaper than, say, the conflict free engagement rings san diego, for example. They are just the same in terms of price.

Where to Buy Conflict Free Engagement Rings?

If you live in Philly, go find a specialized jewelry store that only serves you with conflict free engagement rings philadelphia. And logically, if you are staying at anywhere around Denver, Colorado, your best option might be the ones that precisely sell the conflict free engagement rings denver. If you can’t find one for yourself, then go use the internet. In principle, do anything in your power so as to not fall prey to the bad causes. You must at all costs try to find and buy only the conflict free engagement rings.