Engagement Ring for My Wedding


Engagement Ring for my weddingThe first woman to have been wearing diamond jewellery is Agnes Sorel (1422-1450), who was none other than the mistress of Charles VII. Despite his illegitimate character, is this link that we owe the tradition of giving a diamond wedding ring to symbolize a promise of marriage? In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Hapsburg in and gave one to Mary of Burgundy, giving acclaim to the engagement ring. Extremely durable stone, the diamond becomes a symbol of marital fidelity. If he has long dominated the market, supply is highly diversified, and today’s young couples do not hesitate to dip into the collections of major brands of jewellery designs that are not stamped marriage.

Gold, platinum or ceramic

If gold is a safe bet, platinum, less malleable, is favored in recent years by the bride and groom for its durability, an essential quality for a gem supposed to last a lifetime. Jewelers have adapted and offer many models in this matter, as the inevitable lonely Cartier Love at Cartier. New materials have also emerged, such as ceramics, as Channel Jewellery associated with white gold and diamonds for his Ultra, very contemporary collection.

Engagement Ring Must diamond

As for the stone, the diamond is the star of engagement ring, prized for its brilliance and symbolic of purity. Some brands, such as Cartier, have made ​​the quality of their stones there trademark, and propose involving diamond and frame of your choice. More original, diamond colors also have a rating of: blue, pink, black or yellow as in Tiffany … Provided you can afford it, because with the rarest said as much!

Trace ability

However, a concern weighs more in the choice of honeymooners: the ethical aspect. The controversy surrounding the “blood diamonds” to indeed helped raise awareness about the origin of precious stones and metals. In response to this concern, all the major brands today undertake to guarantee the trace ability of raw materials. Some designers have even made ​​their own merits as the Parisian brand jewellery fair April Paris. In Cherry diamond, the made ​​In France, this is highlighted with jewellery exclusively assembled by French artisans.