Eternal Glam of Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings


vintage inspired engagement rings What is more refreshing than to have a throwback to olden days with vintage inspired engagement rings? If you have ever seen or helped friends with their engagement ceremony and they all wear rings with kind of similar tones, you must want to have another take on your very own engagement ceremony, mustn’t you? You may feel like the idea of using diamonds as the gemstones for palladium-, titanium-, or platinum-based rings has been overly used by people who wish to garner more modern looks. You may eschew yourself from this tradition. Give a twist to your engagement ceremony as you wear that vintage-inspired ring you proudly pick on your own. It is not like going the vintage way will impede your goal to create modern feels for your engagement party. Who could possibly say that adding some throwbacks to past era will give you nothing?

Bear in mind that going retro is a thing. Wearing vintage inspired engagement rings will allow you to channel out the inner movie-star self within you. A ring that is inspired by great vintages carries the everlasting glam looks on it. You can have your way to stun other people endlessly and they may try to take their eyes off your ring, but to no avail. The power of vintage-inspired rings will continuously lure many a head toward your ring. If you still need an encouragement whether or not to go for this type of rings, ‘vintage’ is a word that translates into endurance of beauty. So, you may pick an old-fashioned style of a ring, but with higher intensity of appeal.

The Distinction of Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

What sets other rings from the vintage inspired engagement rings is their design. Some rings may have emphasis on simple looks. Others might have their materials as main focus. For vintage inspired engagement rings, the looks are stressed on the grandeur of their appearance. Hence, you may see some rings in this style designed full of intricacies with diamonds or other stones as their center. Claws or prongs may be added to the design as well as these are the things that can give impression of a crown, adding more and more majestic for the rings themselves. And we have not even talked about the filigrees applied on to them.

See, the thing with filigrees on vintage inspired engagement rings is that they look a lot like art deco—one thing that was commonly found in vintage era. This—added with claws or prongs and gemstones—will give you only the exact glam looks you are after. Seeing this, we can easily draw conclusion that the vintage inspired engagement rings should be intricate. The more intricate the ring, the better looks it can offer you.

Of Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings Design

While you are at it, you may want to know a little bit about the vintage inspired engagement rings set. Speaking of setting for this type of rings, you need to be fully aware that it is jewelries with old-fashion, perhaps even antique, quality they exude. So, you may feel like being thrown back in the time just by looking at their design.

Photo Gallery of Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings


As said early on, the distinctive marker used to get to know whether or not a ring is of vintage style is its intricate design. But it does not stop there as if we stick to that, any ring with intricacies could be easily grouped into this class. You need to know that most of vintage inspired engagement rings draw their looks from certain era of certain decorative art. Their filigrees, their milgrain placement, and their etching patterns all pay homage to this certain era. Therefore, we have vintage rings inspired by periods like Contemporary, Mid-Century Retro Moderne, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, or Victorian. So, the next time you visit a historic hallmark and you find a striking resemblance between the design of the hallmark and your ring, don’t be surprised.

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