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yellow gold engagement ringsYou may fancy a red or other colored gold rings. But it is only the yellow gold engagement rings that can convey the eternal classical looks to those who see them. See, in its truest form, gold is pretty vulnerable from scratches and this reason alone is enough to rule out the use of gold in the making of jewelries. Thus, to enable the use of gold (after all, gold has its own shines which are hard to deny, befitting the purpose of wearing the jewelries themselves), it must be combined with other metal to provide some hardness to a certain level. It is through this process too that we can have ranges colors of gold. Through mixing gold with silver, gold with copper, or gold with silver copper, the color of the gold can be altered resulting in yellow, red, green and white. These are malleable gold variants, which translates to having higher flexibility on their structure. Through the implementation of inter metallic compound, we have purple and blue gold, along with several other colors. These are the variants that are way less flexibility, but with still higher values of becoming elements of jewelries. Other gold variants, such as black gold, are commonly obtained through layering the gold with oxide. The layering, while useful to easily grant gold broader range of colors, can gradually wear out so additional layering is required to maintain the color.

What about the Gold in Yellow Gold Engagement Rings?

The yellow gold, however, is relatively unchanged even after added with other elements. With 50-50 comparison of copper and silver, the purpose of mixing gold with other metals is only to increase its brittleness without reducing its malleability. To further enhance its hardness, the alloying of gold-copper-silver often involves additional of zinc as much as 0.2%. The balance of copper and silver content only adds so little change to the gold that it still retains its original yellow. So, now you have the prerequisite knowledge for the basis and we can start talking more about the yellow gold engagement rings.

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Pure gold, which is 24 karat, contains nothing else. So the karats are calculated by knowing how much alloys are being added to how many parts of gold. For example, 18 karats yellow gold engagement rings mean that the compound consists of 18 parts of gold added with 6 parts of metal alloys, which gives us gold with 75% purity. Since gold is alloyed with other metals, needless to say, people with low tolerance for metals specifically used in the alloys—or for metals in general—may suffer allergic reaction from mild to severe intensity. However, when talking about this sensitivity problem, gold itself often cause irritation which may lead the wearer to allergy. So, before you even start looking for the best gorgeous-looking yellow gold engagement rings, there that that you need take into account.

More about Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

The yellow gold engagement rings trend sees wider comeback to the mainstream after several times being set aside along with the emergence of other types or colors of gold. It was once a hype to wear yellow gold engagement rings back then in 19th century. In the 80s, yellow gold was a trend until white gold and platinum takes its reign for more than a couple of decades. But perhaps, people have started to think that platinum or white gold is kind of has-beens. The ideas of wearing yellow gold engagement rings for women might be a refreshing bit, as the rings are capable of giving the sense of romanticism. Even celebrities help jumpstart the reuse of the old-school looks sported by yellow gold rings. This is a signal that even if it is classic, it still shows the power of glam.

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But to say that the platinum and white gold will be defeated by yellow gold engagement rings vintage looks is presumptuous. The former two symbolize purity and this is what then establishes them both as the not-so-much-easily-toppled choices for ring materials.

Still, though, if you love having yellow gold as the material of your engagement rings, go for them! Why the care for the trend, right? Go for the yellow gold engagement rings tacori, for example. The fact that yellow gold engagement rings are still on display in a store as famous as Tacori shows us just how irreplaceable they are.