The Powerful Image of Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings


yellow sapphire engagement ringsAlong with white sapphire variant, the yellow sapphire engagement rings enjoy rapid fame among those who are planning to go for something which is more affordable than diamonds. Before we continue on, we need to delve into this sapphire thing a little bit in order to get better understanding. The term ‘sapphire’ is applied to corundum possessing colors other than red and orange-pink. Corundum is a mineral that takes the shape of crystallized aluminum dioxide. Red corundum is called ruby while the orange-pink variants are named padparadscha. Sapphire is an umbrella term for other colors as it is preceded by the name of the color itself; hence we have ‘green sapphire’ or ‘blue sapphire’. Interestingly, yellow sapphire does not fall under neither of three categories. It is said to be in the class of fancy-colored sapphire, but seeing that this class also contains pink sapphire, it may be safe to group it into padparadscha. Although, as said earlier, the yellow sapphire engagement rings are fairly more affordable than diamonds, you need to know that what actually determine their price are of course their cuts and all.If you decide to have a ring with this kind of sapphire as its center stone, here is another bit of information to enrich your knowledge regarding it: in Vedic, yellow sapphire is called pukhraj, and pukhraj, in Vedic gemology, is one of the nine most sacred gems.


Why Choose Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings?

First and foremost, sapphires are known for their hardness, with 9 as its grade in Moh’s Scale. Although not as hard as diamond (which is of 10) or Moissanite (which is 9.5), sapphire is impressively hard enough. With this in mind, the yellow sapphire engagement rings can be counted on in terms of durability and toughness. Second, yellow sapphires are pretty much versatile to be employed as center stone for any kind of jewelries, not only limited to rings. As said early on, you can count on yellow sapphires for its ability to take the place of magnificent center stone from the ever so pricey diamonds.

 Photo Gallery of Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings


So, the yellow sapphire engagement rings are just perfect additions for a couple who aims at budget-friendly engagement rings. But then again, the yellow sapphire engagement rings cost is greatly affected by the size of the sapphire and whether or not it is treated with lattice diffusion method. Pure, untreated yellow sapphires are regarded the most expensive variant as compared to treated one. The lattice diffusion method mentioned before is a process where a sapphire is heated with the use of beryllium, resulting in more vivid-looking of yellow sapphire.


What about the Price of Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings?

Aside from the factors explained above, you have got to be able to pinpoint the exact yellow sapphire engagement rings price by also calculating the materials used for making the ring itself. Put it simply, if you find your yellow sapphire engagement rings to be far more expensive than what you may have allocated in your mind; then maybe, it is what constitutes the ring itself that makes the price go sky high. The brand that manufactures the rings also contributes to this matter so pay a very good attention as to from which manufacturers you would love to get the ring. The pricing mechanism also works by calculating the carat of the sapphire used on your ring. Basically, it is pretty simple: the larger the sapphire, the bigger the carat, and the more expensive the yellow sapphire engagement rings become. The hue of the sapphire itself also plays a role in changing the rate. If you are not ready for something that will drain your money, sapphire with deeper yellow will price the highest, while vivid and toned-down yellow sapphires are arguably the most affordable ones.


Is There a Certain Meaning in Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings?

When talking about the yellow sapphire engagement rings meaning, you will see a wide range of quality possessed by it. However, the most profound meaning the rings can bear is perhaps about fidelity. It symbolizes the everlasting love formed between the two persons. It also brings the essence of truth, and romanticism as well as commitment. The last aspect, commitment, is perhaps the basis for 23rd anniversary tradition. In such a celebration, couples give each other a yellow sapphire ring. Other than that, couples become attracted to yellow sapphire engagement rings merely because such a ring offers something that they may not find in diamonds.