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1.5 Carat Engagement Ring for Your Special Day


1.5 carat engagement ring1.5 carat engagement ring is now a popular choice for couple that going to get engaged. Since 24 carat –the highest measure of gold or gems purity- is too soft and easy to change its form, low carat ring is now become a trend. Technically, to have a 24 carat ring is actually an impossible thing because when you got 24 carat of gold, means that there’s no any mixture on it. Whereas, gold needs other metal to make it easy for metalworkers to shape it become a ring, necklace or other jewelry. Besides that, the price of a 24 carat of gold or gems is way too high and not every people can afford it. A 24 carat of gold could cost more than $50 per gram.  For these reasons, low carat of gold and gems are more familiar among people, especially because it’s affordability. 1.5 carat engagement ring is actually not a two-bit ring. In the market, lower carat of ring is also available. A half of carat ring is the most common engagement ring because of its affordability. The carat rate of a ring is actually can’t be seen with a bare eyes. You need a skill of a jewelry expert and some tools to find out how much the carat rate of your ring. So to be true, the bigger or smaller carat on the ring you got, it doesn’t really matter because people can’t recognize it. Besides that, it doesn’t matter how big or small the carat is, an engagement ring is always having a deep meaning for the couple itself. 

1.5 Carat Engagement Ring Solitaire

1.5 carat engagement ring cost around $1500 for gold and $2500 for white gold. The price could become higher when you want a diamond or gems on your engagement ring. The price of a ring is actually influenced by the carat and the model of the ring itself. If you want a simple engagement ring with no diamonds, you could get it with the lower price, around $1000 or even less. But if you want a glamour one with a big diamond on your engagement ring, you have to be ready to pay more, maybe even more than $3000.

1.5 carat engagement ring price

A 1.5 carat engagement ring solitaire for example, you might have to pay until $5000 for one ring because of the price of the diamond itself is expensive. The size of the diamond is also influence the price of the ring. The bigger the diamond is, the higher price you should pay. Put a diamond on your engagement ring is like multiple the price of the ring itself. But if you have enough money, this wouldn’t be a problem.

1.5 Carat Engagement Ring on Hand

If you just have a limited budget for engagement ring, a 1.5 carat engagement ring is not an impossible for you. The higher carat of a ring isn’t always makes it more expensive, but the quality of the metal does. You can choose lower quality of metal as material for your engagement ring to make it cheaper and affordable. You can choose material from silver, gold or even jade to make an affordable engagement ring for you. The higher quality of material, like white gold, of course is more expensive and you need to pay more to get one. To make it more affordable, you can also make your engagement ring is simple. A naked ring –name for ring with no diamond- could be a good choice for you because the price could be way cheaper than ring with diamond on it. A 1.5 Carat engagement ring on hand of yours and your partner could be the best thing in your engagement day.