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Summer Comes with Anchor Belly Button Ring


anchor belly button ringIf you have piercing on your belly button, then anchor belly button ring is the perfect option you must take to bring along the atmosphere of summer into yourself. True, summertime is still nowhere near us, but that should not hold you down from ever choosing which belly button ring to wear during the vacation you have planned. Now, imagine you are swimming at the beach and when you finally emerge from the water, you can impress everyone else with the ring anchored into your belly button. A belly button designed to mimic an anchor is unendingly suitable for the theme of summer, right? Especially when you plan to spend your holiday around the beaches, there is nothing else but this particular belly button that goes along with it.

An anchor belly button ring is more than just an accessory; it is a mirror reflecting your personality. It gives off the signal, like the beacon in the middle of the ocean, telling everybody just how playful and sultrily flirty you can be. An anchor on itself is a symbol of masculinity; a tool that mostly men can only deal with when sailing on a boat or ships. But, an anchor clings on the surface of your abdomen—now that is a way to give a new meaning to sexy.

Nevertheless, do not ever taking an anchor belly button ring so recklessly you do not know what it could perhaps do to you. If you are into metallic accessories, then you must ensure yourself of how high your skin’s level of tolerance is. Most people who are allergic to certain metals will have their skins irritated as the results of careless use. Conversely, there are people out there who seemingly have normal skin when using the metallic accessories but rashes and itching occur upon contact with seawater. So, there’s that, but if nothing else, you are set to go on swimming and enjoy sporting the new looks you have.


Treating Anchor Belly Button Ring

Just because the anchor belly button ring is worn on, well, belly button, it does not mean that it should never be treated properly. As is the case with other piercing, the one on the belly button must be cleansed regularly to prevent trapping dirt which may cause undesirable infections, or simply avoid getting it clogged by body’s ability to close an unnaturally-occurring opening. Different materials that constitute the ring require different treatments, too. With metal, you will need to check for any kind of corrosion that may be caused by bodily fluids. Left untreated and unclean, the anchor belly button ring may irritate your skin, as we have mentioned early on, and cause some rashes to develop.

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The anchor belly button ring surgical steel is perhaps arguably the safest option to go for if you are highly sensitive to metals. And why is this the one you might want to take a look at a little bit? It is because, sometimes you may put the blame on your body’s lower defense for causing you allergic reaction but oftentimes, that turns out not to be the case. It could be that the metal itself that corrodes through your skin. So, by using surgical steel, you can spare yourself from ever suffering that misery. Surgical steel is stainless, carbonized-steel which is specially designed not to cause allergic reaction on human’s body.


Where to Get Anchor Belly Button Ring

This classic question can be answered with the internet. There are many online accessories stores out there on the net you can choose. And the price of an anchor belly button ring is fairly cheap, too, so you don’t have to spend much just to get one. An anchor belly button ring amazon is sold just as affordable as $9.99. Imagine how affordable becoming flirty sexy is with this one beauty accessory.

The anchor belly button ring spencers, though, is priced as much as $12.99. What makes it slightly more expensive than the one from Amazon is the fact that while they have similar materials (surgical steel), the one sold by Spencer’s is adorned with zirconium diamond so as to enforce the elegant looks it already possesses. You can buy two items and give the other to your best friend and together, you two can look stunning.

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The different take is displayed by anchor belly button ring etsy. While the ring is equally lovely to the previous two, this one is only $3. It sure is very cheap for an accessory like anchor belly button ring, isn’t it?