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Average Ring Size


average ring size for womenAverage ring size is one of sizes you can choose when buying a ring. As you know, ring has become inseparable part of our life. You can see almost people of all ages are wearing rings. Small children, teens, adults, seniors, males, and females are wearing rings on their fingers. The ring has special meaning to the life. For a married family, rings are the symbol of the love that unites them in a holy vow in the altar. Engagement rings have a promise meaning. It bears the promise from the couple to be house and wife in the future. Ring is also symbol of wealth. Rich people wear rings that look so expensive to show that they are capable of buying expensive thing. There are many other things that the ring bears in it. If you have plan in buying a ring for certain purposes in the near future, you have to undergo several steps before you decide to buy the ring you want from a jewelry store. One of things that you need to consider is the average ring size. The size is very crucial to consider because you don’t want to buy wrong size ring that is too big or too small for your ring finger. 

Choosing Average Ring Size

In choosing the right average ring size you need to consider first the metal that you will use. Generally, there are three most popular metals for rings; they are platinum, gold, and silver. Platinum is the hardest metal on earth and also the most expensive one. Gold is the most popular metal for jewelry and it is less expensive then the platinum. Silver is the cheapest one. You can always resize the ring if you use gold as the basic material for your ring because gold is available in most jewelry stores and their price is very affordable.

average ring size

In measuring the average ring size, you need to differentiate between sexes and age. Adult women and men have different ring size. Average ring size for men is much bigger than the average ring size for women. It means women’s ring will not suit men’s finger and vice versa. To measure the ring size, there are some methods but if you don’t know the methods at all, simply use a thin thread and use it to around your finger. It is much easier if you have another ring to help you measure the average ring size for a woman or a man. The average ring size for a girl is also different from those mentioned above.

Average Ring Size for a Girl

In choosing average ring size for everybody, the easiest way is to bring the whole family to a jewelry store. There, your ring will be measured using measuring rings. You will be asked to try on several sizes of ring to find the most appropriate size. If your girl tries on the measuring ring, you can see the average ring size for a girl inside the measuring ring. The measuring rings are also applicable for woman. Usually, the average ring size for woman will be found quickly because women almost have similar size. After measuring the size, you can choose the materials for the ring. Choose carefully the metals, the stones, and the design of the ring you want because they are affecting the price that you have to pay. The more stones you get on the ring, the more money you have to pay. You need to wait for a couple of days for your rings, but if you see on the display ring that is on your average ring size you can directly buy it.

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Average Ring Size for Women for Easier Shopping

average ring size for women

Average ring size for women will be a question going inside of the head when a ring will be bought to a woman. This kind of question might goes into the head when thinking about buying ring for a woman. If the ring will be given to a woman who is close and very well known by the person who will give the ring, there is nothing wrong with trying to check on the fingers and try to measure it. But the problem is the people who wish to give the ring want to give a ring as a surprise and it is not good if the plan found out just because the attempt to measure the ring size.

Average Ring Size for Women are meant to be a guess on the actual ring sizes.

There is a list of the ring sizes those can be found and will be very helpful. There is of ring size will also include the average ring for women ring size and this category is probably the most common category being checked by a lot of people especially when they want to give ring to the certain moment to a woman. In every jeweler, there will be found the chart of ring sizes those can be chosen. Everyone who is interested will be able to see and consult the sizes for the rings will be bought.

The ring sizes will absolutely need to be measure by looking or even measuring the fingers. In order to accurately measure the ring size, people may use a strip of paper in width of ¼ inch and length of 3 or 4 inches. Wrap the paper strip around the finger and mark it then unwrap the paper. The exact measurement will be depending on what chart of measurement being used in measuring the size. Some people will look up to the average ring size for women UK and the accurate chart of this particular sizing.

Average Ring Size for Women and a Chart of Ring Sizes

Some other people will look up to the average ring size for women US as well as the accurate chart that comes along with it. The way of measuring will be similar by using the strip of paper. The different size here means that the numbers or letters those are being used to refer the particular sizes. For example, the ring that has diameter of 14.7 mm, it will be G ½ in UK, Irish and Australian equivalent will be 3 ¾ in US and Canada standard, 6 in Japanese equivalent and 6.50 in Swiss equivalent.


average ring size for women ring finger


So, every people who decide to buy a ring will need to understand what chart that is being used by the jewelers as well as understanding what fingers that ring will be put on. The sizes of every finger will be different. The common fingers being used to wear rings are the ring finger and the middle finger. Certainly, there are some women who prefer to wear the rings on their middle fingers instead of the ring fingers for the particular reasons. Some people will probably need to get the average ring size for women middle finger to give rings for these women.

While it is nice to give a ring as a surprise gift, it can be risky too because sometimes, people just cannot measure the size for the rings accurately. But trying to measure it properly will be something needed in order to get the perfect ring that will fit perfectly on the finger. So, make sure that the size of the ring will be measure as accurate as possible in order to avoid the problems by checking on the chart of average ring size for women.