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Bella s Engagement Ring Inspired


bella s engagement ringChoosing engagement ring must be difficult challenge which should be considered carefully with some aspects which have to be thought carefully since a man does not want to give the unsuitable engagement ring for their beloved one. Celebrity engagement ring usually becomes the standard of trend in engagement ring. It is true that engagement ring is not the matter about meaning only but it should also be about the ring which is able to improve the beauty of the wearer. The trend of bella s engagement ring maybe becomes the favorite option of engagement ring for them who love the Twilight movie franchise. In fact, Twilight movies and its sequel become world big hits since it is watched by million people from all around the world. The similar circumstance happened to the book since Twilight movies are based on the books with the same title written by Stephenie Meyer. Nevertheless, there are many fans of Twilight who cannot ignore the love story between the vampire and human being as well as the triangle love story with the werewolf. Proposal becomes the awaited moment since audiences want to see the real engagement ring given by Edward for Bella. 

Bella s Engagement Ring Detail

The love which should be forbidden between Bella and Edward dazzled many people to become their fans. They are not only waiting for the improvement of the relationship but also single detail of love which is shown by the both sides. Of course people especially women love to see the love of Edward for Bella. This can be more interesting since in the real life, both actors for Bella and Edward are real couple. People who already read the novel maybe will have their very own imagination about bella s engagement ring description which is written by Meyer in her book. It takes big effort actually for making the engagement ring which is really suitable with the ring which is described by Meyer in her book but at least, the ring which appeared in the movie is approved by Meyer as the engagement ring which comes in her imagination for Bella. The engagement ring appeared with the application of pave diamond which is stunning. It took the oval shape with the rows of glittering diamond. The narrow and delicate band is made by gold which built the fragile web around the diamond. It is said that the ring was Edward’s mother ring. Nevertheless, the ring will stun Bella as well as the audiences.

Finding Affordable Bella s Engagement Ring

bella s engagement ringAfter people watched the engagement ring which is given by Edward for Bella, it seems like everyone get inspired to get the engagement ring which is similar with Bella’s ring. It is kind of beautiful as well as elegant ring which is super perfect for the engagement moment. With the diamond application which builds the oval shape makes it looks elegant and precious. Although there are many people who want this engagement ring, they must admit that they have to consider about the budget which should be spent for buying this ring. With the whole diamonds which are applied on the oval shape, there is no question that it must be super expensive. Buying the original one is impossible but there are many offers of bella s engagement ring replica which can be found on the internet. People will find the ring with similar design with various qualities and prices. It means that people are able to suit their budget for buying the engagement ring which looks like Bella’s. Of course people also have the choice to order the customized engagement ring from local jewelry store which takes the design of the Bella’s ring.

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