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Birthstone Ring, the Best Gift for Birthday


birthstone ringDo you want to give a present to someone special on his or her birthday but you do not know what to give for them? You want to give something different, beautiful and meaningful for them so the gift will mean so much to them. Maybe birthstone ring will be a very interesting gift option for you to give to your special person. Birthstone ring is the ring where the gemstone is from the birth stone of certain person. so if you want to give this present, you have to know the births stone of the person whom you will give the present. Each person can have their own birth stone based on the month they were born. The birthstone for people who were born in January is garnet stone. February people are symbolized with amethyst stone. Aquamarine is the birthstone for those who were born on March and diamond is for the April child. May’s birthstone is emerald. Pearl is June’s birthstone and ruby is July’s. August people have peridot and sapphire is owned by those who were born in September. Opal is the birthstone for October child. Citrine and topaz are for people who were born in November and December. The birthstone ring charm is difficult to deny. 

How to Choose Birthstone Ring

In order to get the best birthstone ring, there are many things that you have to consider before you buy it from some jewelry store or order some custom made ring with the birthstone as its gemstone. The most important thing in buying or purchasing birthstone ring is the price. Whether you are looking for birthstone ring for mothers or girls, price must be a priority when you want to purchase a birthstone ring. And then you must carefully look the style of the ring. The ring that supposed to be for mothers must be different with those which are supposed to girls. You have to pay attention on the models so it will look beautiful in anyone who wears it. Choose the ring with mature models for women. You can choose the one which have complicated design. If you want to buy for birthstone ring for girls, you have to choose the one with simpler and cuter design.

birthstone ring for girls

After you find the most suitable design for the person whom you want to give the ring, you can compare whether the price and the styles of the ring are matching or not. You have to examine the gemstone carefully before you buy it. Do not getting taken by such cheap price for a stone which supposedly has more expensive price because there is a possibility that the stone is not genuine. Good quality will have rather expensive price too.

Treatment for Birthstone Ring

Birthstone does not always used as gemstone for ring. You can also find birthstone ring charm for necklace. Regardless the shape of it, it is important to do the right treatment for your birthstone. Here are some tips on how to treat your birthstone nicely so your birthstone will stay beautiful and gorgeous as long as you want. To clean your birthstone ring, you can heat little water on a bowl. After it feels warm, add ammonia or glass cleaner to it. Put the birthstone ring inside the liquid for 1 or 2 minutes, or until you can feel that the water already cooled when you touch it. After that, grab the ring using metal. Do not touch the ring with your fingers. Place it on dry towel and let it dry by itself. Wait for few minutes, and voila, your ring is clean again and it looks even more beautiful than before.