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Brilliance in Vintage Look of Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


To achieve your happiness maybe you have been through a lot of barriers in your life, and when it comes to the choice of engagement ring you will find the barrier again by being offered by many models of engagement ring.Cushion cut diamond engagement rings is something that you can try on when you are in the jewelry store. However, finding out the model of cushion cut diamond engagement rings is not easy because this cut is the combination of some ring’s cut, but do not worry about the appearance of this ring because you will be amazed by it. Actually, you can rely on the suggestion of the sales officer in the jewelry store, but why don’t you try it by yourself?

The Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are…..

cushion cut diamond engagement rings

Maybe you are wondering what is the appearance of cushion cut diamond engagement rings, or how to differentiate it with other engagement ring’s cuts we will discuss it on this section.  The cushion cut of diamond ring is the combination of several types of ring such as the oval cut diamond ring, princess cut diamond ring and round cut of diamond ring. The diamond of the cushion cut diamond engagement rings sometimes uses a rectangular or square form of diamond that is why the diamond in this style looks very big. However, for the ring itself it can be arranged based on the preference of the person who wears it. The easiest way to see whether the engagement ring that you choose can be classified into cushion cut diamond engagement rings section or not is the form of the diamond is like a pillow. The cushion cut diamond engagement rings become very popular among the jewelry maker because it can provide the sense of soft and romantic which is very suitable with the character of the woman. Not mention the antique feeling that you can get from the cut of the ring. 


Diamond of Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

cushion cut diamond engagement rings yellow gold

One thing that you need to pay attention for the cushion cut diamond engagement rings is the diamond of the ring. The diamond shape will be available on two forms namely the round and the square form, but if you or your couple want to have both, you can choose cushion cut diamond engagement rings halo. The ring will be full of vintage style which is very glamour on the hand. However, if you are a person who likes simplicity, maybe you can choose cushion cut diamond engagement rings yellow gold which can be found mostly at cushion cut diamond engagement rings Zales. The stone in the yellow gold is less big than the one which is put on the white gold material or platinum.
When it comes to the setting of the diamond, it is recommended to choose the four prongs of diamond setting. This setting is very ideal to hold the small up to medium gemstone. Using the six pronged cushion cut diamond engagement rings is also allowed but it is for holding the big stone or the long one. If it is used for holding the medium gem stone, it will be less strong. The four pronged diamond setting is good to protect the diamond of the ring without removing the shine of the ring. In fact it can maximize the shine of the diamond itself

Do not forget to ask the certificate for cushion cut diamond engagement rings . There are many kinds of diamond certificate such as AGS, GIA, IGI, or EGL If you buy it on the reliable jewelry store or designer collection such as cushion cut diamond engagement rings Neil Lane, it will not be hard to get the certificate. When you cannot get, just forget it and choose other places.