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Cushion Cut Engagement Ring : The Real Fact That You Should Know


cushion cut engagement ring

One thing that makes many couples in this world feel confused when they will attend the engagement day is not the location or the theme which will be used by the couples, but the small thing called the engagement ring.  The existence of many engagement ring styles such as cushion cut engagement ring, princess cut engagement ring or emerald cut engagement ring is not so helpful to make them free from headache in jewelry store. If you are planning a beautiful engagement day by wearing the beautiful engagement ring, here is one style that probably can be the best preference for you, so say hallo to cushion cut engagement ring.

Maybe you will ask, what is the great thing about this cushion cut engagement ring rather than other cut styles? This is a good choice because to get the best engagement ring style you should be critical so the ring will be worth to fight for. Many advantages that you can get from the cushion cut engagement ring, and the disadvantage also, so let’s take a look closer.

When the Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Becomes Popular?

Actually the cushion cut engagement ring was not as famous as it is now, even the cushion cut’s name did not exist yet in 18th century up to 19th century. People at that time knew this cut style as the candle light cut because the stone looked amazing when it is looked under the candle light. Pillow cut was another name of the cushion cut engagement ring. This ring’s cut had been left after the existence many new diamond cuts. However, thanks for “The Bachelor” television show that had promoted this cushion cut engagement ring so it can compete with other ring’s cut. 

What You can Get From Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The reason why “The Bachelor” could make the cushion cut engagement ring famous because it shoed of its ability to shine the light in unique way. This is the result of pave setting as the cushion cut engagement ring settings.

cushion cut engagement ring settings

The pave setting allows the ring more than one diamond stone on it and colored diamond such as cushion cut engagement ring Tacori , but it is not the one setting that can be implemented on this style. Four pronged is another style that can be implemented on this ring. Without remaking it, the original style of the cushion cut has provided the best style for the person who wears it. Another benefit from this style it can provide the best protection for any valuable stone that you like. The good thing, you can create the best protection in style such as at cushion cut engagement ring with halo. Choosing the engagement ring with fire around it is the best way to tackle the reality that cushion cut engagement ring has less sparkle than the round cut engagement ring.  You can make the engagement ring become more beautiful without sacrificing its safety as long as you can choose the eight pronged setting for your ring since it can degenerate the shape of the stone.

Another Side of Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Just like what we have discussed before, the minus value that you will get from cushion cut engagement ring is less shine of brightness, but we have found the solution also, aren’t we? So the problem is solved. However it seems like you have to find the solution by yourself for the price and originality. Since cushion cut engagement ring can be classified as old style, so many cushion rings on the market are not exactly cushion cut, but it looks like cushion cut. If there are some original items, you have to ready for cushion cut engagement ring prices. So are you ready to get the cushion cut engagement ring in your hand?