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Halo Ring Settings: an Ever-changing Old Legacy


If you have run out of ideas as to what else types of setting you may employ for a ring, then halo ring settings might be suitable for you. You may easily think that with this setting, all you will get is just a ring with gemstone put in rounded shape. Well, while the term ‘halo’ is commonly associated with circle and all, but do not take words for it. When implemented to a ring, it could be anything from round, rectangular or even triangular. What makes it so? It is because when talking about halo in regards to ring settings, we are talking about a ring whose center stone is surrounded by another set of smaller beads, giving the impression of a halo encircling the stone itself. So, while it is common to see a round center stone on ring, arranged with row of smaller diamonds around it, it is no less common either to see other shapes designed in halo ring settings.

So, we can safely say that halo ring settings do not refer to the gemstones themselves, but more to the arrangement. Due to this nature that the setting possesses, we can hope for more flexibility when trying to mix and match every possible shape of a gemstone’s cut, one thing that could perhaps offer you something unique and distinct al the same time.

The Versatility of Halo Ring Settings

As the halo ring settings do not commonly associated with the shape and the look of the center stone itself, you can then match them to the type of the materials you use to make the ring. To exemplify this, you can choose to go for halo ring settings yellow gold if you are aiming at more modern tone emphasized on the ring itself. While yellow gold ring has this certain classic tone on itself, adding halo setting into it will create a mash-up, resulting in a more urban-traditional hybrid tone.

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The halo ring settings with side stones can complement the shine of the center stone itself. They help the wearer to direct others’ attention right towards the ring and you can simply gain the attention you have longed for. You can do it this way: after determining the center stone’s shape, be it rectangular or rounded, you may try to find a way to design smaller side stones that mimic the exact shape of the center stone they will encircle afterwards. The recreation—or more like reduplication, perhaps you could say—will imbue the ring with distinct uniqueness.

Some Types of Halo Ring Settings

Speaking of the engagement halo ring settings, there some ways you could do to improve the looks of the ring. While other types of settings rise and gone in tiny blink of a light up in the space, halo ring settings continue retain their solid existence ever since first invented around 1920s. This proves just how durable and flexible the settings are that people continually choose them to complement the ring they wear throughout their life.

We can take the pave engagement ring. While the ring itself sports nothing new or special, it is the placement of small beads of diamond across the ring band that bespeaks greatly elegant atmosphere exudes from the ring. That, and coupled with the setting of the center stone which is placed to give impression of cushion-suspended looks from it, will create the effect of a crown. And what else could you expect from such a ring but elegance and majesty?

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Another way to have perfect halo ring settings is by doubling the layer of the halo. While others are used to have only a single band of halo, you can outmatch them by placing another band of halo adjacent to the innermost one. Of course, this will require you to put more focus. Make one slight flaw and your ring is done for. There is a thin line that separates overdoing from creatively-inspired, after all.

On the matter of diamond halo ring settings, it is easy to say that the most ‘cooperative’ diamond cut to be adorned with halo ring settings is the round shape. This may be partially true given that the nature of the halo itself being round. But on the capable hands and apt eyes, there is no way telling that rectangular or princess cut, or even heart-shaped diamonds, cannot be treated this way. After all, as said earlier, halo ring settings are meant to give emphasize on the center stone, so if that way doesn’t work, why bother taking it anyway, right?