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Edwardian Engagement Rings Gives Glamour Sense in Your Engagement


edwardian engagement rings historyYou don’t have to avoid classic designs. In fact, there are several classic designs which looks cool and glamour to use. You can take classic engagement rings as the example. Some couples love to use classic engagement rings because it looks glamour to wear. There are hundred of classic engagement rings available in the market including edwardian engagement rings. It is better for you to know a little bit about the characteristics of this engagement ring so you can choose the best one for your engagement day.

The Strengths of Edwardian Engagement Rings

If we talk about edwardian engagement rings, it means we will talk about the cutting style and the amount of the carat. In the sense of the cutting style, this type of classic engagement ring has a strong design. For example, the diamond of the ring is cut in the rose design. The expert said that such kind of cutting style is considered as a brilliant cutting style. This is the reason why some couples tend to choose edwardian engagement rings for their special moment. The second characteristic is about the carat of the diamond. Commonly, edwardian engagement rings have big amount of carat. For example, the ring tends to have up to 52 carat diamond.  The design of the ring is also extraordinary if it is compared to the other classic engagement rings. 

One of Edwardian Engagement Rings to Purchase

It is a little bit complicated to choose one of edwardian engagement rings for sale available in the market.  You can choose a beautiful engagement ring known as Edwardian Fruit. What makes this engagement ring special is on the pear diamond ring design and this is the reason why the ring is called as fruit ring. Furthermore, the rose cut diamond makes this ring looks special and exclusive. Along with the 52 carat rose cut diamond, you will also see the smaller 2 carat rose cut diamond.  You don’t need to get confuse if you want to get edwardian engagement rings such as explained above because edwardian engagement rings nyc stores are ready to serve couples who want to wear something exclusive.

Brief History of Edwardian Engagement Rings

edwardian engagement rings

Probably, you were asking about why it is called as Edwardian ring? edwardian engagement rings history started in 1901. This was the era when Edward VII became the king of England. The ring itself was used for his beautiful wife, Alexandra. In the first period of the edwardian engagement rings, it used two different materials which were platinum and white gold. Basically, the ornaments of the rings were used natural ornament such as flowers, birds, or bows. Just like the Edwardian fruit ring which uses roses as the cutting of the diamond.  Nowadays, you can also buy edwardian engagement rings vintage in several reputable stores. Of course, you have to make sure that the ring is original for your own satisfaction.

The example above is only one of edwardian engagement rings you can purchase to celebrate your engagement party. In this case, you can also see the carat of the ring such as it is possible for you to buy the 0.78 carat, 0.83 carat, 1.21 carat, or 2.82 carat engagement ring from the Edwardian era. Moreover, you can also choose to buy diamond gold ring, gold diamond ring, or diamond platinum ring for your engagement.

From the explanation above, we can conclude that classic is not always bad at all and even it can be very outstanding and perfect for several occasions including your special engagement. Now, you can start to classify the best edwardian engagement rings which you love most. Then, you can choose one of them to make your engagement perfect and unforgettable. It is a common thing if the ring attracts you and even the guests who see it in your finger.