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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings : The Affordable Versatility


emerald cut diamond engagement rings

When you are visiting the jewelry store to buy your engagement ring, you will see many kinds of diamond rings from various cuts and styles are available right in front you. Maybe when you ask the shop keeper, they will tell you to choose round cut shape, but why don’t you give emerald cut diamond engagement rings a try?

Maybe when the first time you hear the name of emerald cut diamond engagement rings, you will say no because your eyes only for diamond. Many people are misunderstanding to think that the stone in this engagement ring is emerald. In fact the word “emerald” refers to the cut style of the ring, and for the choice of gemstone itself based on the preference of the buyer. To avoid more misunderstanding about the emerald cut diamond engagement rings, let’s we take a look the information below.


What Is Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings About?

When we are talking about emerald cut diamond engagement rings, we cannot go far from its history to find out why it was named with emerald cut. Some years ago, emerald stone was very prestigious to be put on the ring. However, the barrier that many jewelry makers found was this gemstone was really difficult to be formed in the shape that their customers want. They had to try really had to the break the gemstone which was famous as the vulnerable gemstone.  Finally they find a way out by tearing in the form of square or rectangular cut with some cropped corners around it. From that moment, the rectangular cut is known as emerald cut, but now the gemstone of the ring is not always an emerald. It can be a sapphire, ruby or diamond in order to make your one of emerald cut diamond engagement rings is easy to be finished. 

For jewelry lovers, especially the fan of emerald cut diamond engagement rings you should be able to differentiate between the emerald cut and emerald cut diamond engagement rings with baguettes. Probably it will be hard and difficult to differentiate those cuts since they have many similarities to each other.

emerald cut diamond engagement rings tiffanyFor example the bold shape of the cut. The emerald engagement ring with baguette cut is formed as rectangular and long ring cut with octagonal corners around the ring. This model was very famous in art nouveau and art deco age maybe it was about the year of 1920 up to 1930. Both of them have rectangular or square cut, but the different is the baguette cut accentuates the geometric effect through the clean lines of the ring.

For the facets of the ring, emerald cut diamond engagement rings with baguettes has at least 25 facets, but the baguette cut engagement ring has fewer facets, approximately seventeen facets only.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are Suitable For…

When want to choose the best emerald cut diamond engagement rings for your special day, you should know why you choose it so the ring can be more than just hand decoration for you. The emerald cut engagement ring is suitable for those people who want to make the gemstone on their hands look bigger. It is because the emerald cut engagement ring can make the gemstone look bigger by setting the facets in certain ways, not mention if it has some additional decoration such as emerald cut diamond engagement rings halo. If you are confused to choose the model of your emerald ring cut, you can check emerald cut diamond engagement rings images in some online stores such as emerald cut diamond engagement rings tiffany for example. It can give you many references of emerald cut diamond engagement rings choices