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The Rightful Engagement Ring Finger


Rings, this universal type of jewelries are loved by a lot of people and always become the main symbol of the various things including relationship.

The engagement rings or the wedding rings are all the symbols of serious relationship between two human. When a relationship gets more serious, there are a lot of people who actually want to show the current status of relationship by showing a ring. Obviously, the engagement ring will be worn by the people who are engaged. But sometimes, there are people who are confuse about the engagement ring finger.

A Debate in the Position of Engagement Ring Finger

engagement ring finger hand

This is something that commonly crosses the heads of some people especially when these people feel nervous and have no idea about the correct finger to put the engagement ring. Where is the correct position for the engagement ring finger? Some people wear the engagement ring on the right hand but there are also some people who wear the engagement ring on the left hand. Where is the engagement ring finger for men and for women? There are debates regarding this topic and of course there are several theories about the rightful location of the engagement ring.

Facing the arguments from a lot of people, there might be no end regarding the debates. Every people have the good arguments in defending their point of view about the engagement ring finger. So now the question, is there any rules in the engagement ring finger hand? The answer will be no. Why is it a no? It is because there are differences in the various cultures regarding the engagement ring finger. One may put the engagement ring on the ring finger of the right hand and one may put the engagement ring on the ring finger of the other hand. So basically, there are no rules about the rightful hand to put on the engagement rings on engagement ring finger.  There are a lot of people who wear the engagement ring without even thinking about the right or the wrong hands to put on the engagement rings. 

Some people are using their own habit of behavior in wearing the engagement ring and they will infuse their personality in the way they put they put the ring on the engagement ring finger wedding ring finger. Every people can use the ring in any positions those they feel comfortable with.

There is no Debate Needed Regarding Engagement Ring Finger

engagement ring finger for women

Instead of debating about the rightful location for the engagement ring finger, why don’t every people think about the meaning behind the ring? The real meaning behind the ring will not change simply because the ring being put in both ring fingers. What is meant by the ring will remain the same. So don’t be bothered by thinking about the engagement ring finger for women. It will be just fine to put the ring in any hands. There will be nothing wrong with it because it’s only the matter of references as well as habit in wearing rings. For some people, the one hand felt more comfortable than the other hand in wearing rings.

In other words, the daily habit will affect the way of someone wears an engagement or the wedding ring just like when wearing the other rings. Some people may have no problem with putting the rings on the right hand as well as on the left hand. The most important thing is the meaning of the engagement ring and the wedding ring or other rings with special meaning stick to the rings. Engagement ring finger will not change the meaning of the ring.