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Hello Kitty Belly Button Rings


hello kitty belly button ringsHello Kitty Belly Button Rings – Japanese Pop Culture has become a trend of today. The unique style becomes a reason why the people love the culture. The harmonies of different colors are the identity of this style. It may seem strange, but it is so cute too. The fashion is completed with their cute accessories, like earrings, bracelet, and also belly button rings. Nowadays, hello kitty belly button rings become trend accessories, either at Japan or other countries. A cute hello kitty with a red ribbon is designed so cute. The belly button rings has been used by almost of Japanese women, but you can also get it now. You are able to adorn your navel with the cute belly button ring. Its white color makes it more elegant.

Hello Kitty Belly Button Rings hot topic

There are some beautiful colors in the sexy designs, like pink, red, black, and some colors combination. The navel rings are made from some metals, like stainless steel, and surgical grade steel. It is also added with beautiful gemstone, like clear stone, or cubic zirconia. The designs are also so detail with some models. The belly button ring with hello kitty icons can be found on some stores. For the ease, you can also get on some online store, like on Amazon, hot topic, or eBay website. It is available on various designs.

Here are some types of belly button rings design of hello kitty belly button rings amazon:

–         White Belly Button Ring; size (1.6*10*5/8mm, 14 gauge), materials (Hypoallergenic, 316L Stainless Steel, and Nickel Free).

–         Black and White Devil Belly Button Ring; size (14G, enamel/crystal), material (316L of Surgical Grade Steel).

–         Pink and White Face Belly Button Rings; size (14 gauge, enamel/crystal), material (316L of Surgical Grade Steel)

The super cute design is also available on hello kitty belly button rings ebay. The various super cute designs can be found on ebay site. It is more than a navel button ring. It is evident from the unique design, below:

–         Hello Kitty Enamel with pink gemstone dangle belly button ring, size (14 gauge), metal purity (316L of Surgical), metal (stainless steel), stone (Cubic Zirconia),

–         Double gem belly rings; size (14G), metal (surgical steel), metal purity (10k), available on 8 colors.

–         Belly button ring with pink gamestone of accent crystal; size (14G), bar length (11mm), metaL purity (316L of Surgical Grade Steel).

Hello Kitty belly Button Rings ebay

hello kitty belly button rings amazonThe designs are only some of super cute belly rings. You can find it more and more, off course with the unique designs. Hot topic site also provides these cute navel rings. There are some beautiful designs on the site, such as:

–         Navel Ring with Pink gemstone; size (14G), metal (Surgical stainless steel), stone (cubic zirconia).

–         Heart belly ring with clear gemstone; size (14 gauge), metal (surgical stainless steel).

–         Red head belly rings; size (14G), metal (surgical stainless steel).

The hello kitty belly button rings have some various prices. It depends on the metal, design, and the stone adding. The price ranges are from over $3.00 until $14.00. It is an affordable price for high design and quality. For the ordering, you can visit the official sites. The beautiful belly rings has been published on detail information. Moreover, the payment is also as easy as the other online shop. You just add your order on your cart. You can use your credit card, visa, or any PayPal. It just a simple way to get a hello kitty belly button rings!

Just adorn your navel with the cute hello kitty belly button rings with the affordable prices! Show off your beautiful piercing to your friends and family. Let the belly ring light in a dark and shine in the light!

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