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Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings For unique Choice


marquise diamond engagement ringsThe marquise diamond engagement rings have long history to begin with. Most reference said that the ring is originated from France. It is King Louis XIV that spark the idea by asking the jeweler to create a diamond based ring with the shape of the smile of the one that lately known as the Marquise de Pompadour. This story has become the basis for people reasoning on choosing the marquise ring for an engagement ring.  The idea of royal admiration and romanticism has kept the need for the ring up to now. Apart from the idea behind the ring, technically this kind of ring will allow you to have visual illusion on the diamond size that is applied on the ring. The general ratio that is set for the diamond will be 2:1.  This will be the reason when the diamond looks bigger than the real size. The band that mostly use for this ring usually based on platinum. This material is chosen based on the sturdier feature compared with the gold.  The platinum is also suitable for those with gold allergy.  The only thing that may concern you is set on the higher cost when platinum is used as the band. This metal is also hard to set with detail. If you are interested in affordable option, the white gold can be used as the engagement ring band.

Things to Know before ordering marquise diamond engagement rings

The marquise diamond engagement rings are not a cheap stuff. For this reason, you will need to know some related stuff before pay the ring. The first is set on the price tag for the ring. You have to do your homework in finding the market price for such ring. There is no need to get confuse on different pricing, you can simply opt out any ring that is too expensive to buy from the list. Once you already get enough information, all that you need deciding the budget limit based on your current financial status. This will let you to have cash for any emergency financial based need. The second thing on marquise diamond engagement rings settings are set on the ring size. This may seem to be an easy stuff. But once you order the wrong ring, there will be chance that the ring will be too big or too small.  It is always possible to make size adjustment with added extra time and cost. The other size matter that is worth to consider is the diamond size.

marquise diamond engagement rings with baguettes

For any ring with big diamond applied, the chance to lose the mounted diamond will be increased when the wearer is having more outdoor activity. Any accumulated dust and dirt will let the ring into a need for extra care. You may need professional jeweler to do the ring cleaning job.  On the other hand, having the ring on less active hand side will also become another way to keep the ring durability in a natural way.

The Application Alternative For marquise diamond engagement rings

You can have marquise diamond engagement rings jared for your engagement ring.  For the ring band, the marquise diamond engagement rings yellow gold will be just fine when your fiancee has no skin allergy with gold. Since gold based ring band is not really durable, you will be better to applied platinum as an alternative. This strong material actually is available in more expensive price and cost for the process. But the allergy free feature will be the best point for the ring to be worn in daily basis. For less expensive option, you can have white gold.  You may have no idea about the marquise diamond engagement rings with baguettes. But even so, you can find marquise diamond engagement rings information from different source. All that you need is simply hard work to get the needed information for the ring.

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