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A Rival for a Seemingly-Unrivaled One: Moissanite Engagement Ring


A moissanite engagement ring is a perfect choice you may take if you are kind of bored with other regular types of jewelries. That being said, you will find diamond as a boring object of jewelry as it has been used to death by many people that come up with ideas of shapes, arrangements and settings that have been used so many times they do not even have any more meanings left to it. If you are not familiar with materials used in making jewelries, or perhaps even not familiar with jewelries themselves, the name Moissanite may sound a bit strange. Earlier when this mineral was first discovered, a special formulaic name was applied to it, being SiC that stands for silicon carbide. Nowadays, while still retaining its original SiC formula, its name is then commonly acknowledged being Moissanite, noting the last name of its discoverer, Henri Moissan. 

In Mohs scale, a measurement system used in describing hardness of mineral, Moissanite is granted with 9.5 marks, while true diamond being 10. Moissanite is even harder than ruby or sapphire. If we are to engage in a battle of moissanite engagement ring vs diamond to know which one is the best, then diamond is triumphant—which is why, by the way, its price can get sky high. But, consequently, in terms of affordability, Moissant ring is the winner.

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When manufactured to become a piece of accessory, Moissanite possesses qualities on par with those of true diamonds. In fact, some qualities it possesses even surpass those of true diamonds. And it is thanks to these qualities that we then have alternative for diamonds when the use of true diamonds is limited by higher expenses and all. So, if in certain process a diamond is required, but due to the nature of the diamond being so expensive, we can replace it with Moissanite instead. The hardness of this mineral is also the one factor that serves its ability to be employed in certain activities involving high pressure. For example, it can be turned into a moissanite engagement ring.

Excellence of Moissanite Engagement Ring

The year 1998 saw the beginning of massive production of Moissanite-based jewelries, including the moissanite engagement ring. It gained fame for the fact that it is a perfect replacement for diamonds on the area of jewelries-making. If you happen to bump into a jewelry store providing you a thing named Berzelian when you asked for a moissanite engagement ring, don’t go storming out of the store, feeling tricked, just yet. Those two names refer to just the same matter. Berzelian is another name for Moissanite, a tribute for Jöns Jacob Berzelius, an accomplished chemist who focused most of his works on silicon carbide.

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Basically, just because you are utilizing different material, does not mean you have to get different treatments too to make or purchase a moissanite engagement ring. It works just in the same way you may have to go through when choosing other types of accessories. The only thing that makes it all different, though, is that you can have a way cheaper rate when you go for moissanite engagement ring settings. But, of course, price is also determined by the materials your ring band used rather than solely calculated from what kind of gemstone it has.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Price

A moissanite engagement ring etsy can be bought for $1,115. And with that price, you have had a ring made out of rose gold and engraved with several more shiny beads on its band. So, perhaps, if you choose to get a more plainly-looking ring, the price may get slashed too. However, the best way to guide yourself to be able to buy a moissanite engagement ring is by finding, reading and following the available moissanite engagement ring reviews. The reviews may be present in the form of suggestions from certain ring makers, or, they can also be found scattered throughout online jewelry stores. But bear in mind, the price is set in accordance with the settings, the materials of the ring itself and what cutting type you choose for it. By and large, if you have felt some ‘been there, done that’ kind of a feeling when seeing several typically-crafted diamond ring, then a moissanite engagement ring is what you might want to take a look and give a shot at.