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Mood Ring Color Chart Gives You the Meaning of Your Mood Ring


mood ring color chartToday, mood rings are becoming very popular for teens and kids. It is very attractive and are capable to change into several color. The color of the ring actually will show the mood of the wearer. Sure, it is a very attractive ring. For those who want to know what the colors of the mood ring, you can find mood ring color chartMood ring color chart will show you the colors from the 1970s mood ring. Sometimes, some of the chart are only providing the colors, while some other are equipped with the meaning of each color. Mood ring actually functions on basis of human body temperature. As the temperature of human body always change, when temperature of the body is changing, mood ring will also change its color. It is happens due to the mood ring has liquid crystals that move when the temperature of your body change. Therefore, the light that is reflected will also changes. It is actually that makes the rings to change their color. To know the meaning of mood ring colors on the mood ring color chart, you can find mood ring color chart meaning. It will give you plenty information about the meaning of each color provided by the ring. Mood rings today are among the fashion trends that always popular.

The Meaning of Each Color in the Mood Ring Color Chart

There are many colors can be shown from the mood rings. The following are the meaning of mood ring color chart. The first color is black. Black signifies several emotions such as mystery, anger, and stress. Black shade of this ring shows up if one who wears this ring is angry or stress. The second color is gray. Gray reflects anxious and nervous. Amber color reflects tired, distracted, and vague. Green reflects normal, jealous, and placid. Blue color shows that the wearer is happy, content, blissful, or at ease. Purple shows moody, crabby, sensual, and mystical.

mood ring color chart meaning

If you suddenly attract to a man, your mood ring would change into purple color. Magenta reflects happy, affectionate, and warm. Orange shows thinking of idea, excited, and slightly daring. Red shows anger, insecurity, love, and passion. Brown shows puzzle, worried, and restless. Some condition that can make you get brown color is when you take an exam and you cannot find the answer for the question, your mood ring would change into brown color. White shows bored, meditative, feeling indifferent, and introspective. Dark blue reflects romantic and deeply relaxed. Actually, the meaning of mood ring color chart for kids are also similar for the mood ring color chart for teens and older people. By knowing the meaning from each color, you can easily understand the mood of those who wear mood ring, so you can easily adapt to them and know what you should do and do not.

How to Get Mood Ring Color Chart

If you want to get mood ring color chart and print them, you can look for mood ring color chart printable. These charts are many available through internet. All you need to do is just browsing the chart and look for the printable chart. After that, you can easily print the chart and keep it. You can easily read it whenever you want with no need to browsing again because you have already got it. The most popular color chart of mood ring is mood ring color chart claire’s. It is very popular among those who look for mood ring chart because it is much easier to understand and know the meaning of each color. Now, you can find mood ring color chart and its meaning to know the mood of the wearer.