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Moonstone Ring: Symbol in Luxury


moonstone ringA ring is not only jewelry that will make the hand of its user look expensive and extraordinary, but ring also can be symbol of something that is believed can affect the life of the user such as the use of moonstone ring. Do not know much that this belief is gotten because of further research which is done by the researcher or it is a form of heritage from the local culture where the belief comes up, but some people think and feel that the effect of the ring for their life can be felt plainly. If you want to know more about this ring and what is the reason for its use, you can read the information below.

The Making Process of Moonstone ring

Like what we have talked in the previous passage before that most people use the moonstone ring is not for the glamour that can be produced from its appearance, but the effect which is gotten from the stone of the ring itself. Basically the moonstone ring can be classified as feldspar type. What is Feldspar? Feldspar is a group of mineral which is contained in the crust of the earth. Feldspar is made from the combination of many beneficial minerals such as sodium, calcium and silicates of aluminum. It seems like the existence of these minerals is the reason why the moonstone ring is believed can give a good effect for the body.

Moreover, the minerals from the crust of the earth are made from many beneficial elements that have high quality. In some countries, moonstone is gotten from the volcanic activity which is combined hydro thermal deposits .The journey of the ring is not over yet. After being combined with those minerals above, the feldspar has to be mixed with potassium to produce moonstone ring. 

The Meaning Of Moonstone Ring

Many people who use the moonstone on their hands especially men believe that the ring can bring transfer some energy to their body such as the energy of balance, peace and also calm. The Moonstone ring meaning is often related as the perfect expression of yin, a belief of soul in China’s people culture. The moonstone ring for men ring becomes the connection between the mysterious energy from the moon to human’s body.

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Besides giving the energy for cooling the soul of the user, the moonstone ring also can give the energy for being creative and optimism. People also related the appearance of the moonstone with some signs from the nature. Usually the moonstone ring has colorful appearance with white hue on it. That appearance portrays the life of a person which is very various from one to another and that person is protected by the energy of milky white moon, the energy of motherly, until the person is ready to unseal it with her calmness.

Colorful Moonstone Ring As Jewelry

Nowadays people are more creative in treating the moonstone ring. Besides its benefit that can be used as a healing for the body, why don’t use it as the symbol of aesthetic? It makes some jewelry manufacture find a way to bring it to the business world. Now we can see that many moonstone rings such as rainbow moonstone are available in online shopping site such as moonstone ring Etsy.  Rainbow moonstone ring is considered has many attractions points than one colored moonstone. First of all because it has many shades of color in one package so the user does not have to buy some moonstone jewelry to taste different forms of the ring.  Besides, it looks more mysterious and unique in the hand of everybody.