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Most Expensive Wedding Ring Keep Changing


most expensive wedding ring

Most Expensive Wedding Ring – Wedding is one of the most important and sacred moments in someone’s life. Hence, there is no wonder that many people want to make it as special as possible, such as getting the the most expensive wedding ring for the bride. Among the abundant preparations a couple should arrange before the marriage, wedding ring has become such a priority.

Wedding ring can symbolize the love of the couple. In addition, it can also represent the trust between the two lovers; as a reminder after they got married. For this reason, many people will try hard to find the best ring for their couple, even some of them are willing to spend huge amount of money to buy the best ring to celebrate their love and new life ahead.

Wedding ring design never stays the same from period to period. As time goes by, there is (almost) always new request sent to jewelry designers and companies to make such a high priced wedding ring. This fact is linear to the wedding of different rich couples who want to make new history by purchasing the most expensive wedding ring

Most Expensive Wedding Ring in the World

As a matter of fact, the best one can only be bought by those with huge or unlimited budget. According to the articles you can read on the internet about the list of people who have bought the most expensive wedding ring in the world at different time, you will find out that almost all of them are celebrities and so popular figures in the world.

Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and many more; are some women who are lucky enough to be given the most expensive wedding ring ever purchased in the world by their spouse. Besides, footballers wives like Victoria Beckham and Colen Rooney also experienced the same thing; as well as Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, when she married Prince Williams.

For many people, buying high priced wedding ring is not acceptable because they must spend much money for it, but for those famous fabulous people, buying the most expensive wedding ring for their spouse is not really a matter. Even for some of them, this can be good news which will increase their popularity.

On the other hands, it is also possible for common people to get the most expensive wedding ring for their couple; with the intention that the ring is not merely the symbol of commitment of love, but it is also their way to value the blessed relationship within the marriage bond.

What Makes the Most Expensive Wedding Ring

most expensive wedding ring brandThere are always reasons behind the exclusiveness and expensiveness of a wedding ring. What makes wedding ring expensive can be various, but mostly, these followings are the best relevant factors:

Material. Platinum, titanium, and gold; or the combination between them; are materials which are generally used to manufacture the ring. They are all valued in high price in jewelry world. Platinum is the most pricey, gold is the cheaper, and titanium is the least expensive among the three of them.

Stones. Gemstones are very common to use in jewelries, including in the most expensive wedding ring, as the decorative items which will beautify the whole ring. They are precious stones which provide many different colors which are wonderful to be combined with jewelry settings. Emerald, sapphire, ruby, and diamond are some example of gemstones you can find in numerous jewelries. Up till now, diamond is considered as the most precious stone; you may find it in the most expensive wedding ring for men and women.

Design. The design of the ring is generally limited edition. In many cases, almost all, the people who want plan to buy wedding ring will go to jewelry designer privately to order the ring. We all know that limited edition stuff will cost more than the mass-produced ones. In addition, the best wedding ring can also be tracked from its stunning intricate design; so that it looks appealing and unique. The White Flash, which is considered as the most expensive wedding ring brand by some people, offers the special design for their customers; allowing them to make their own design.

Insurance. Insurance can make a ring as the most expensive wedding ring. By any chance, it is quite important for the couple as the guard of their valuable wedding ring.