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Oval Diamond Ring – How To Recognize The Best of It ?


oval diamond ringWomen love oval diamond ring. This is not the word from television advertisement but it is the reality in this world. Diamond can make a woman to be the most beautiful person in the world, even though maybe it is just in her mind only. This diamond also can make the woman feels like the luckiest person in the world because other women will envy to her. Well, well many reasons can be told why women love diamond and surely they want to have it in their special occasion. Wearing a diamond ring can boost the confidence and prestige thousands levels the maximum.

Talking about the diamond ring, there are so many diamond ring cuts that can be chosen by the woman with a careful steps, why it is so? It is because the cut diamond is very important to determine whether your diamond will look great or poor. One diamond cut which is proven can make your finger thousand times more precious is the oval diamond ring cut. If you plan to buy oval diamond ring for your couple or yourself, check the information below first to make sure that you choose suitable ring.

Oval Diamond Ring Basic

Talking about the oval diamond ring will never far from interesting, but before talking further let us get closer to this ring first. Many people know about it but they do not know what it is actually. The oval diamond cut was founded by Lazare Kaplan around 1960’s. This was made accidentally because the original form is the round cut diamond ring. The creator made the oval diamond ring with the consideration that some people might want to have the look of round diamond ring but different things to go.

This oval diamond ring is chosen because it has many plus values such as it can make the stone looks bigger even though it has the same weight of carat with round cut diamond ring. This is why many people like to choose it since the cut can emphasize the stone. Another plus value from this oval engagement ring is it is very good to be worn by the person with long slender finger. Oval diamond ring will emphasize the pliability of the finger.

Know the Oval Diamond Ring Better before Buying.

Choosing the oval diamond ring because the style of the ring is beautiful is not enough to get the best result. If you do not want to be disappointed after taking your ring from the jewelry shop, you should know its “color” first A.K.A the characteristic.

oval diamond ring designsThe characteristic of the diamond ring with oval cut relates to its setting. Do not think because the shape of the stone is oval so you think that the ring is okay, No!. Every oval diamond ring has six pronged oval diamond ring settings and 56 facets or it can be more based on how the pavilion of the ring is cut. The ratio of length-to-width is about 1.5

For the design, the oval diamond ring is flexible to be adapted to many forms. Many oval diamond ring designs that use more than one diamond in the ring become the favorite since it is softer to the finger, but the single oval diamond style such as oval diamond ring with halostill becomes the most wanted one. It can accentuate the stone so it looks bigger and shiner.

Choosing this kind of diamond cut maybe give you some plus values like what we have talked above, but it has a minus also. If you chooseoval diamond ring for sale, you should choose the perfect cut as possible because small mistake in its cut, it will produce the shadow which can reduce its shine and the fire in the stone