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Pregnancy Belly Button Rings


pregnancy belly button rings

Pregnancy Belly Button Rings – Women with belly button piercing are quite many to find around the world. They have such a ‘hole in their belly button part in which they can put on jewelry or accessories. So, what about pregnant women? What happen to those pierced women who get pregnant? Pregnancy will blow up the size of the stomach; and the effect toward the pierced belly button is that the hole will slowly close as the stomach is getting bigger and bigger from time to time.

Regarding that fact above, there are pregnancy belly button rings sold in many jewelry stores. These take form of simple bar ring (with some decorative items) which can be placed on the pierced-hole on the belly part.

Belly button ring itself has been a popular jewelry since 90s period. Early at that time, a number of world celebrities have made it as must-have item in their jewelry collection. It is due to their wearing clothes which show the belly button; like the bathing suits and short top shirts. This trend continued to be popular among more women and girls. Later, when these belly-rings users reach the maternity stage; they do not want to lose their pierced belly. This becomes the inspirations of jewelry companies to manufacture the one special for mom-to-be women, which is called pregnancy belly button rings.

Why Pregnancy Belly Button Rings are Necessary?

Once those pregnant women have given birth, they have to re-pierce the belly in order to create the new hole; and this will leave new scar as well as new pain to feel. The function of the pregnancy belly button rings is that they will keep the hole open. Therefore, after the baby was born, no re-piercing is necessary.

Wearing usual belly button ring may not be enough for women in pregnancy because the stomach will grow larger during its nine months. These rings are not designed for such growing piercing. In this case, pregnancy belly button rings will perfectly resolve the problem of those who want to maintain the pierced part on their body during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy Belly Button Rings Style and Materials

These rings are made from akin to plastic materials instead of metallic. This is surely related to the safety factor of the pregnancy health. However, there are now more materials used for pregnancy belly button rings, such as the transparent UV, titanium, and steel. PTFE or nickel free sterile wire is also famous now to be used as the main element of these rings.

pregnancy belly button rings it's a girl

It can be just made of plastic solely. Meanwhile, some of them allow the stretching which may happen during the pregnancy period; meaning that the rings are flexible enough to adjust if necessary. Thus, if you look at variouspregnancy belly button rings reviews in the internet, you may be able to find general character of flexibility on the product description.

About the styles, the manufacturers are creative enough to produce these belly button rings with numerous style and material. The very common style is the wire with single or two balls in the end of it. The innovation can be made on the shape of ball, or other decorative things; for example by including words on it. For instance, you can find the pregnancy belly button rings it’s a girl, the ring with a decoration of words ‘it’s a girl’. This style usually will involve girly things such as the flower shape, or the color pink. Pregnant women who choose this kind of ring are those with baby girl on their womb.

Where to Buy Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Since this pregnancy ring is getting more popular these days, you will not find any difficulty to find the product. A lot of pregnancy belly button rings stores are there waiting for your visit. Both the offline and online stores have prepared so many choices for ‘decorating’ one of your most meaningful moments as a woman. Online shopping through pregnancy belly button rings Amazon is another great option for you because you do need to walk or drive far away from home to get pregnancy belly button rings you want.