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Rose Gold Engagement Ring


rose gold engagement ring

A rose gold engagement ring would be perfect for you on one of your most memorable moments in life. But we’ll get there very soon, because first, we have to talk about what exactly rose gold is.

Pure gold is undoubtedly yellow in color. As it’s pure, there’s nothing else in the content that possibly can alter the looks of gold to whatever level. Now, rose gold, on the other hand, is a mixture, an alloying between gold and another element of metal, which in this case, copper. The name varies depending on the content of copper within the alloy, hence we have pink gold or red gold as variations to rose gold. We also knew Russian gold, a term for this kind of gold alloy that notes how popular the jewelries made out of it in Russia earlier on 19th century. (The latter term is now no longer in use, though.)

People often confuse the name as being just the same and as the result, the three terms (rose, red, pink) are often used interchangeably to refer to the same thing. What differentiates one from another is the intensity of reddish color, which is highly affected by the content of copper in the alloying. The higher the copper contained in an alloy, the redder it’ll be. Rose gold earns its name for its rosy shades resulted from mixing 75% gold with 25% copper.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring for Your Precious Day

Now, we get back to our first premise. Yes, a rose gold engagement ring is glamorously perfect for an event which happens only once in your life. An engagement party marks the very next step in your relationship, thus it’s no wonder you’d probably go for something that can be a sort of hallmark for it. A ring made out of rose gold is just suitable for such an occasion, which is toned to fit into traditional or classic style. Gold itself is a classic element and that alone has befitted the overall atmosphere you wish you could derive from, say, decoration of engagement ceremony hall.

rose gold engagement ring tacori

Talking about rose gold engagement ring settings, you can hand the subject to the most trustworthy ring maker in town. You may come to the jewelry store and ask the owner to display his/her rose gold ring collections and pick one that, in all aspects, fits your personal taste.

Alternatively, if you’re a kind of a person who highly values personalization as something so important, you could instead customize the ring settings on your own. You can come to the store and tell the maker whatever you have in mind regarding how you want the ring to look like. The maker would then create your custom ring which is likely to be the one and only in this planet.

You may go for a princess cut style of rose gold engagement ring if you want to have it adorned with diamond of similar cut. Crown scroll can give you a more majestic-looked ring, on which special center stone can be placed. Or, you can go for a little bit of cute-ish and girlish look presented by rings that are decorated with filigrees of butterflies on both ends of the ring band, clamping the trunks or claws on which the center stone will be held. Several smaller beads near the butterflies can balance out the overly girlish tone and turn the ring into a piece of elegant artwork.

Another idea you can consider using is to pick rose gold engagement ring with pink diamond. Hold on a minute; don’t turn your head over just yet. Pink diamonds might not be the ones you love to see placed on your ring, probably, because…it’s pink. But, hey, if you will have rosy for your ring, why wouldn’t you have pinky for its center stone? Pink is cute, no matter what. It’s girlish, ever so womanly. Using pink diamond is clever move but, for what it’s worth, you should pick the one whose shape perfectly matches to the ring setting. After all, everything not in right place is never a good stuff, isn’t it?

Final Thought about Rose Gold Engagement Ring

If you still haven’t made up your mind yet, a rose gold engagement ring tacori is always available for you to pick. Tacori is a company so well-known for its jewelries product, hence you can rest assured that the problem of getting the most glam-looking rose gold engagement ring ever will be solved in no time.