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Ruby Engagement Ring: The Best Ring to Symbolize Passion and Love


ruby engagement ringRuby engagement ring has been popular after diamond rings since diamond engagement rings become common and popular rings chosen by people. If you are looking for something unique and beautiful, ruby ring then will be a good option. Rubies actually are part of corundum family while corundum gemstones itself are composed of aluminum oxide that makes they are very hard. Sapphire are another example of this stone. Rubies are rare, so it makes these gemstones become very expensive. Rubies have beautiful red color and elegance looking. Since rubies are beauty and valuable, rubies have been favored engagement rings. Ruby in ancient world was known by various names such as ratnaraj and ratnanayaka that means king of precious stones. Rubies were akin for talisman in primordial societies. In Burma, warriors carry rubies to battle to ensure the victory. Many people believed that this gemstone would warn the wearer prevent pending danger. Beside to warding off hexes and enemies, rubies were also believed to provide medical advantages. If it is ground to fine powder and ingested, it would cure blood diseases. With these historical stories of ruby, it is reasonable for everyone to pay expensive cost to get this beautiful red gemstone. 

Tips to Choose Ruby Engagement Ring

When you consider to choose ruby engagement ring, of course you will choose the best ring that suit your taste. Today, the jewelers make rubies in various models and design, so you need to consider several thing in order to get the most out from your money. You need to consider about ruby engagement ring set, color, cut, and other things. As for settings, many people prefer to choose vibrant tones of ruby paired with rose or yellow gold although silver and platinum are also popular option. When choosing ruby engagement ring, choose an intensely colored stone. Look at the color and choose a stone which has deep color and  vibrant shade of red. Deeper color of red is higher value rather than the lighter red rubies. Then, you can also ask if the ruby of ring has been treated. Sometimes, some jewelers use coating and dyes to hide the surface imperfections to generate the red color of ruby that makes the ruby has deep color. Do not forget to investigate the origin of ruby. They are found worldwide.

ruby engagement ring tiffany

However, the most beautiful and popular rubies are Burmese rubies. Many people also wish to buy ruby engagement ring from the five year engagement because it is very beautiful and timeless design. Tiffany is a well known jewelry store that offers quality jewelries, ruby rings are included. You can buy ruby engagement ring tiffany since it has beautiful and elegant design

Ruby Engagement Ring Meaning

Ruby has been seen as a gemstone of love, passion, and courage for its red tone. Actually, ruby is also the birthstone for people who born in July. The women who choose rubies sometimes were passionate about life. According to legends, rubies are hardened  fire and powers for kindle desire in heart. Due to this reason, ruby engagement ring symbolizes passionate love, life, and commitment. The legend also said that if the course of the couple is not run smoothly, color of ruby in the ring will darken. In addition, ruby stone is also called as stone of nobility. Its metaphysical properties are believed to gather and amplify the energy to provide light, peace and contentment to one’s life. Actually, ancient lore said that this gemstone can reconciling lover’s quarrels. With these histories, ruby is a very valuable stone. The red color is beautiful and meaningful. In addition to ruby engagement ring, some people also consider to choose tanzanite ring white gold as their engagement rings.