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Sapphire and Diamond Ring: Two Most Favorite Rings for Ladies


sapphire and diamond ringSapphire and diamond ring are two type of ring that are adored by most people especially for ladies. Ladies will be more elegant and beautiful with these sapphire and diamond rings. Seen from the gemstones used for decorating the rings, sapphire and diamonds are two types of precious gemstones that have high value either on aesthetic value and cost value. But diamond is the highest gemstone compared to other gemstones so that many people love it. Sapphire and diamond are perfect gemstones that will make any kinds jewelry look more sparkling and beautiful. The jewelry such as the rings will be more precious after being customized with one of sapphire and diamond. There are some shapes of sapphire and diamond –cuts that are usually used for the rings. The shapes are rounded diamond and sapphire cut, heart diamond and sapphire cut, oval diamond and sapphire cut, Marquise diamond and sapphire cut, pear diamond and sapphire cut, emerald diamond and sapphire cut, princess diamond and sapphire cut, trilliant diamond and sapphire cut, radiant diamond and sapphire cut, and cushion diamond and sapphire cut. The ring designers will choose one of these diamond or sapphire cuts to complete the beauty of the ring.

Then, the ring designers also need to consider more about the diamond cut with sapphire and diamond ring guard. To create the harmony, the designer will use certain shape of ring guard to wrap the diamond or sapphire in order to fit on its place. The ring guard here has two main roles: as the decorative guard and as the true ring guard which will protect and keep the diamond/ sapphire on its place. As the decorative guard, the ring guard will be designed with decorative gemstone string or cluster. The decorative gemstone cluster or string will be depended on the main decorative ring guard. 

Sapphire and diamond ring styles

About the ring style, there are three styles of sapphire and diamond ring designed by most ring designers. The styles are classic, modern/ contemporary, and sapphire and diamond ring vintage style. Each style has different characteristic and fans. But all those styles are beautiful and precious because the rings are customized with precious and high value. Commonly, the styles of ring will be affected by the design of ring.

sapphire and diamond ring guard

Simple but elegant become the characteristic of modern sapphire and diamond ring style that offers you more simplicity and beauty. Classy and luxurious designs are commonly used on classic sapphire and diamond style. Then, vintage diamond and sapphire vintage style commonly will be changed all the time depending on the latest trend of jewelry.

The precious metals of sapphire and diamond ring

There are several metal kinds that usually used for making the ring. Sapphire and diamond ring white gold is just one of the metal kinds that are sufficiently popular metal for jewelry. You can also find out other metal kinds for jewelry such as sapphire and diamond ring platinum, palladium, silver, yellow gold, and many more precious metals. There are so many diamond and sapphire rings that are displayed on jewelry shops. But for being more practical, you can see the collection of diamond and sapphire rings designs on the internet. The jewelry online shops are online jewelry malls that will provide you with huge amounts of jewelry included as the rings. Classic, modern, platinum, silver, white gold, and other rings are available completely on the online jewelry shops. If you are browsing, just take a look at some references of jewelry online shops and just choose one of sapphire and diamond ring you like. To get one most favorite sapphire and diamond ring, you just order it via online by sending the message on the recommended email or via phone lines provided on the webpage of online jewelry shops.