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Silver Claddagh Ring: Traditional Iris Ring with Various Meaning


silver claddagh ringCladdagh ring originally is the symbol of town of Claddagh in Ireland. It has been a traditional love token  since 17th Century. Today claddagh ring still popular as ring exchanged between couples such as wedding ring or engagement ring or exchanged between family members. For example, heirlooms passed from the mother to her daughter. Silver claddagh ring is a popular option of claddagh ring because it looks beauty and timeless. A common Claddagh ring consists of 2 hand clasping crowned heart. Many people interpret that hands signify friendship, heart signify love, while the crown is the symbol of loyalty or fidelity. Claddagh ring today are made into various styles with basic shapes that include heart, crown, and hands. At first claddagh ring are made from silver and gold. Silver claddagh ring is very popular both for men and women. Silver claddagh ring men is designed for men. Typically it comes in simple design than women’s ring because men usually want to wear something simple yet elegant ring. 

Silver Claddagh Ring Meaning

Silver claddagh ring is designed to symbolize marriage, love, or friendship. Actual meaning of this ring is depending on the intention of person who giving the gift and one who receives it. The centerpiece of claddagh ring is heart shaped. It is a universal symbol for love. The presence of heart on this ring speaks volumes to the people who receive it. Two hands are embracing the heat one on each side that symbolize friendship. Friendship may signify mutual feelings of affection and trust between two people. It is actually a popular expression in the jewelry design. The crown sits at the top of heart symbolizes loyalty. It is the term that is used to define someone’s devotion to another which is essential in love and friendship. Due to the popularity of claddagh ring, some jewelers make creation for this ring by adding amethyst on this ring.

silver claddagh ring men

Silver claddagh ring with amethyst are popular option for women. The amethyst added on the heart makes this ring look much more beautiful. However, before you wear this ring on your finger, it is also important to know the ways to wear silver claddagh ring and what exactly each position means. If you wear this ring on the right hand at your finger with heart pointing away of tip of finger, it means that you re in love. If you are single, you can worn it on the right finger of right hand with heart pointing to the tip of finger. But, if you have married or engaged, it is worn on the ring finger of left hand. In some cases, this ring is also be used as the wedding band.

Silver Claddagh Ring History

Claddagh rings have storied and long history. This jewelry is known due to its iconic appearance. The creation of claddagh ring is attributed to Richard Joyce who took up the work after being captured as slave in Mediterranean. The popular myth related the claddagh ring’s creation is that Richard Joyce was native of Claddagh. He was captured and enslaved at same weeks he was because of be married. Then, he designed this ring while working under goldsmith. Then, he gave this ring when he married with his loved one. Today, claddagh ring is very popular for Irish wedding ring. Silver claddagh ring emerald is one of the most popular claddagh ring for wedding. Since silver claddagh can be worn by men and women, silver claddagh ring women usually designed in more feminine design. In addition, silver claddagh ring can be made with birthstones or gemstones laid in the crown. In addition to silver, it is also usually made from white and yellow gold.