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Many Representations of Thumb Ring


thumb ringUsually a ring is put on the ring finger or middle finger, but some people like put the ring on the thumb. Actually that is not a new thing because the habit to put the ring on the thumb or it is usually called as thumb ring has been started many decades ago since the Egypt era. Actually putting the ring on thumb is just a trend. Like wearing a bangle on the foot or it contains a symbol of something? To find out more about this thumb ring, let’s read the information below.

What is Thumb ring?

Before we are talking further about thumb ring, it will be better if we discuss about what it is. If you think that when you put a ring in your thumb so the ring can be called as thumb rings, you are wrong. Thumb ring is a ring with special design and it is made from many materials such as wood, ivory, metal, stone, glass or plastic. In the past the ring was used to protect the thumb when the person is doing archery sport. The ring has a layer which covered the end of the thumb then go to the rest of the thumb until the outer joint’s edge. The thumb was covered from the friction between bow string and the pad of the thumb. 

Nowadays, thumb ring archery is often found in Asian countries such as Turkey, Korean, Chinese and other countries. It is used on the remote site or village that still implement hunting the animal using the archer. If we think that this ring has been used since thousand times ago we can conclude that those people are clever especially when it comes to the self safety, aren’t they?

In another part of the earth, in Egypt definitely, the thumb ring is often found in the mummy’s finger. This thing shows that the use of thumb ring has been started since thousand times ago in Egypt. If in Asia the use of the thumb ring is for the safety, in Egypt it can describe many things. First, the Egyptian thought that wearing the ring on the thumb could protect them from devil or black magic, so their souls are safe. Another benefit for using the thumb rings it could be a memory of the dead person. Many women in that time remember their dead husband by wearing the husband’s ring on their thumb.

Thumb Ring Means…

thumb ring meaningMany things that can be said when it comes to the thumb ring meaning from positive to negative.  In some parts of the world, wearing thumb ring can be a notification that the person is still single so it allows everybody to ask that person’s out. On the other hands, wearing the thumb ring also can be a sign that the person is tied into a serious relationship. Maybe it can be an engagement wedding, so it becomes a sign that everybody who loves that person should be take thousand back steps since that person is sold out. The negative thing about the meaning of thumb rings meaning is when a person wears the thumb ring it can be a statement that the person is on the same sex relationship such as homosexual or lesbian.

The gender who wears it will determine the meaning of the thumb ring. For thumb ring women, it means that the woman states that she wants open sexual experience. Or she states that she wants a freedom and independence. Sometimes woman also wears it for fashion trend.  If for thumb ring men, it can state a social status of that man. If the thumb ring is heavier it means that he is from middle to upper class society.