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Vintage Wedding Rings Styles


vintage wedding ringsWedding ring is more than just a decoration of finger of the bride and groom. It can be a prestige, icon of purity and identity of new relationship. The large aspect of wedding ring makes the supplier of wedding ring to give many choices to the couple, and one of them is vintage wedding rings. Vintage Rings for women is so popular among the attack of contemporary or modern wedding ring style. Choosing vintage wedding rings is not easy thing to do, why? It is because only few people who can differentiate the shape or the appearance of vintage wedding rings for women. Even some people cannot differentiate among all styles of wedding ring. No wonder since all of the wedding ring’s style has some things that are alike to each other. If you plan to buy vintage wedding rings, or if you are asked by your friend to buy the vintage wedding ring for women, read the information below to help you find the perfect vintage wedding ring.

Reason to Choose Vintage Wedding Rings For Women

Vintage wedding rings for women have shape like the crown jewelry such as big stone and small band. These things look so old-fashioned, but why this style becomes very popular? Buying the vintage wedding ring brings a lot benefit than other choices such as long-lasting wedding ring style. Just like fashion, jewelry has the up and down time especially when it comes to style, but the vintage wedding ring will last forever until the couple is old. Not mention the elegance and royal style of the vintage wedding rings. It makes the person who wears it feel like the member of the royal palace. It makes the hand of the person looks more expensive.

Vintage Wedding Rings Style

Do you know that vintage wedding rings have a lot of types? When the first time it came, the vintage wedding rings for women were not as decorative as now. It was so simple and practice because it was only narrow width ring with old cut of diamond packed in yellow or pink gold, and it was popular in the middle of 1990. To make it more beautiful, people often added a colored stone on it. This style was called as Victorian vintage wedding style.

vintage wedding rings for sale

Next vintage wedding rings for women are called Edwardian style. This style has a characteristic that it usually made from platinum, not from gold. This style is suitable for those people who get bored with ordinary vintage wedding rings for women or those who like white gold as the main metal material of the ring. The filigree style which has many pieces of detail makes the vintage wedding rings will be very beautiful and awesome to be worn. Nowadays, this vintage wedding rings style still becomes the hit in jewelry store.

For couple who like the diamonds very much, art deco vintage wedding rings seem to be the perfect choice for wedding ring. Art deco style puts a lot of diamonds gemstone around the ring so it is like the three-stoned wedding ring style. However, this style is not suitable if the couple wants to survive the classic style since it has the combination between modern and antique.

Vintage Wedding Rings for Your Hands Only

Choosing one of many vintage wedding rings is like choosing one dress in a bulk in its outlet. Not all of the vintage wedding rings are suitable for your finger. Maybe the person who wears do not know this or think that people do not notice the awkward because of the wedding ring in fact the problem will be seen clearly. The vintage wedding rings are vey suitable for people who have slim and long finger. The big size of the diamond will be balanced with the length of the finger. However it does not mean that people that do not have slim finger are forbidden to wear the classic ring. If you are one of them, all you have to do is just modifying the vintage wedding rings for yourself by adding some details more in the shoulder of your vintage wedding rings for women. Vintage wedding rings for men do not need that trick to keep the vintage wedding rings looking amazing.

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