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Wedding Ring on Right Hand : Option or Obligation?


wedding ring on right handWedding Ring on Right Hand  – There will be different stuff to consider when any wedding plan is around. Even for the simple detail like the wedding ring, you may have more trouble than you ever imagine.  The simple question about where you will put the ring will be another simple question that has important cultural point to consider.  If most of the people in the wedding set wedding ring on right hand, there will be chance that the event will get a little bit awkward once you try to have it on the left hand. So, it will be great if you give a bit of time for the cultural side on where you will have the wedding ring on the hand side and even on which finger.

Is the wedding ring on right hand only?

It is unique to understand that wearing wedding ring on right hand or left actually will be determined by the culture where the wedding takes place. You may find that wedding ring on right hand germany is something usual. This position are also common in different countries such as Greece, Peru, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Venezuela and many more. Based on religious believed, it is also possible to have the ring on right for Orthodox Christian. For Jewish women, during the ceremony, the ring will be on the right hand. She will wear it on the left hand after the ceremony.  Meanwhile in Netherlands, the catholic will have the ring on the left. The unique thing is set by Indian brides. Mostly there will be no ideal setup for the ring placing. In general the India culture, the left hand is considered to be less important than right hand. But even so, most will wear the ring on the left. Since mostly the culture also bring along different meaning for the same stuff, it will be wise to learn about what   wedding ring on right hand meaning. This will let you to get the cultural message on the right hand side ring placement.  Each cultural meaning actually is always set another must to obey stuff. Some may lead to certain hope and prayer. So, it will be useful to follow the culture to prevent any unnecessary gossip that is set on your marriage.

The Finger for wedding ring on right hand

wedding ring on right hand or leftIt may be too much if you consider different custom that is set for wearing the wedding ring. For this point, it will be better to ask your fiancée about where the wedding ring will be during the ceremony.  This will help you to avoid any awkward situation once the wedding ring on right hand will be set on the finger. If your fiancée unable to decide, it will be better to make sure that you already ask your parent and your fiancée parent about where the ring should be. This will avoid unnecessary cultural shock that may happen during the wedding ceremony.  Apart from the hand side, it is also worth to think about where to put the ring on the finger. For traditional Jewish ceremony, the ring will be worn on index finger. Placing the ring on the index finger is set by the belief that the index finger is the most important finger. If you already have the idea to put wedding ring on right hand middle finger, you will have to make sure that such decision will not trouble you in the future.  It is not simply about different myth related where the wedding ring should be place on finger. In some degree, something that unusual culturally is not always well accepted by other.  In the end, whether you will have wedding ring on right hand or else, hopefully you will have a great marriage life.