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White Sapphire Ring: Symbol of Beauty and Elegance


White Sapphire Ring – According to its etymology, sapphire comes from Greek word ‘sappheiros’; which means blue stone. This is one of gemstones, which is often used as the decoration of jewelries, such as the white sapphire ring. This gemstone is naturally formed by a number of minerals, such as aluminum oxide and corundum; also the additional elemts of chromium, magnesium, copper, titanium, or the iron. Those elements contribute on the various colors of sapphire. You can find the greenish, blue, pink, yellow, purple, or orange sapphires in numerous jewelries. Colorless, grayish, and black sapphires are also possible to find.

White Sapphire Ring

This ring is quite popular among those who love jewelries. The gemstone itself has been a favorite since Middle Ages. Nowadays, there are a lot more choices of this ring. Unlike the colored sapphires, the clear or white one looks more expensive and wonderful because it resembles the great diamond which is already agreed as lovable and exclusive gems.

white sapphire ring

However, the price of dark colored sapphires is considered higher.

If you are looking for a white sapphire ring set, perfection will be all you have to find. It is possible to look for perfection from the ring you purchase. To do so, there are two essential things you have to pay more attention to:

The sapphire itself. Gemology experts always stress the importance of four ‘c’; the clarity, color, cut, and carat weight; when someone is going to buy jewelry with gemstones. About the cut, the beauty of a white sapphire ringdepends on your taste. This is also applicable to the carat weight. Remember that carat is not the whole quality of the ring. The bigger the carat weight does not always mean that your ring is better. In this case, what you need to consider more is about the budget you have set to buy the ring.

Meanwhile, clarity is slightly different. It has been a common agreement that the clearer the gems, the better. If you find a sapphire ring with cloudy shade, it is surely not a perfect choice. 

The band setting. The second important thing to think before purchasing this beautiful ring is the band setting. No matter how beautiful the gems, it will mean nothing if you choose the wrong band setting. In addition, material is not also the most significant because any of it will look good with sapphire on it; as long as the band setting is admirable.

Try to find white sapphire ring with band setting which successfully exposes the sapphire as the center part of the ring. Besides, the color of band setting’s metal will also contribute a lot to the elegance and beauty of your ring. Light colored gems can be combined with all colors metal; from the silver, yellow, or the platinum. You can choose the one which price is within your range.

Where to Buy White Sapphire Ring

white sapphire ring helzberg

Since white sapphire ring is famous enough among the jewelry lovers, it can be found relatively easy in various jewelry stores. Abundant options are provided by the jewelry companies, so that the customers can take whichever suitable with their budget and taste.
White sapphire ring Etsy for example. Etsy has a chain of ring collection which can be used for various purpose; such as for engagement and wedding. The designs are also very diverse; you can take the different rings based on the design, carat, cuts, and gemstones used. Etsy also puts diamonds in some of its collection to make it more luxurious.

If you cannot find the delighting sapphire ring in Etsy, more are available. White sapphire ring Zales will be also good alternative for you since the company provides a lot more choices; as well as the white sapphire ring Helzberg. Luckily, these well-known companies can be accessed through the internet; thus, shopping white sapphire ring there will be much easier.