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Wooden Wedding Rings and How to Choose Them


wooden wedding ringsWedding is one of special moment in your life. Therefore, it’s a must for you to make your wedding become even special with special wedding rings, like the wooden wedding rings. What is the special thing about a wedding ring that’s made of wood? Actually, there are lots of unique and special things that you can get from this ring. The first and maybe the most popular one is the wooden wedding rings are eco-friendly. Maybe, it’s made of wood, which is organic material, so, people call it as the eco friendly rings. And of course, the most interesting thing about this ring is the design. Unlike the wedding rings that’s made of metal, the wooden wedding rings for men or women has some of elegant and exotic looks. Therefore, this ring is suitable for you who want to have special and unique wedding ceremony, like mentioned above.

Wooden Wedding Rings Buying Tips

Now, the thing that you need to do is buying the wooden wedding rings for your wedding. But, before that, you need to know few things about this ring. First, because this ring is made of wood, you can’t resize it. Therefore, before you buy wooden wedding rings, it would be better, if you measure you and your couple finger, so, you will get right size that fit on your finger. Before you buy wooden wedding rings, make sure that the place that sells this ring is also providing the re-finishing service. This service is very useful to fix your rings appearance, if it gets blurred because of its age. You can make your wooden wedding rings looks more beautiful with this service. Next, you also need to know that the handmade wooden rings need about 6 or 8 weeks to finish its making process. Therefore, it would be better, if you order this ring few months before your wedding. 4 or 6 month before your wedding ceremony would be best time to order wooden wedding rings.  So, you can make a change or adjustment if needed, long time before your wedding ceremony. You also need to choose right place to buy your wooden wedding ring. It’s not only the place where you can buy this ring at affordable price. You also need to choose the store that has great service. If you want to buy wooden wedding rings with diamonds, they also must provide the certificate for the diamond. And of course, the price is also important. If you want to save more money, you can use online shopping to get wooden wedding rings for women or men that you need.

Choosing the Wood for Your Wooden Wedding Rings

wooden wedding rings with diamondsChoosing the wood that you want to use for your wooden wedding rings is actually easy. There are many types of woods that you can use, such as cherry, elm, oak and many more. Just choose the wood with texture and color that you like for your wooden wedding rings. However, there are some of rare wood that you shouldn’t choose, because, they are classified into endangered wood. Those woods are like Mahogany, Rosewood and many more. So, if you really care about eco friendly stuff for your wooden wedding rings, you need to ask the manufacture that makes your wedding rings about the wood that they use for your wooden wedding ring. Or, if you have something that’s made of wood that has sentimental meaning for you and your loved one, you can ask the manufacture to use that wood to make your wooden wedding rings. That makes your wedding ring become even more special.

Those are few things that you need to know, when you want to buy wooden wedding rings. By choosing right wooden rings, you can make your wedding become one of the most special moment in your life.