The Indestructibility of Titanium Wedding Rings


titanium wedding ringsNobody knows precisely about who first created titanium wedding rings. Such rings were featured in 1989’s movie The Abyss but available widely on the market in 1990s. By 2000s, titanium rings saw increase in large scale production and sales. While at the beginning, titanium rings were only made available as something to complete a jeweler’s collection, there are now jewelers that specialize on selling the ring exclusively. First discovered in 1791 in England by William Gregor, titanium, the main material for the rings is a kind of metal used in wide area of engineering like airplane manufacturing. However, the cost needed to extract titanium can be considerably high, resulted from the laborious process to do that. While titanium is costly for engineering purposes, for jewelry-making, it is considered cheaper even than silver.

An element of modern invention, titanium wedding rings can be divided into two large groups: commercial pure and aircraft grade. The purity of commercial pure-titanium ring is about 99.2% while the aircraft grade is usually made out of combination of titanium/aluminum/vanadium with 90%/6%/4% in comparison ration. Gemstones and other jewelry materials may be involved in the making of titanium wedding rings but the rings themselves are still referred to as titanium rings regardless of how many amount of this metal is added to the combination.

Why Titanium Wedding Rings?

Being of recent phenomenon, there are several reasons people choose the titanium wedding rings over other kinds of ring. First and foremost, the rings made out of this metal are more appealing as it is considered way cheaper than other precious metals, like gold. But, unlike gold, that is often associated with traditional, conservative, and old-fashion sense, a ring of titanium material is regarded way more urban and modern, thus making it suitable for today’s people.

You are prone to allergy caused by wearing jewelries of certain materials? Most of titanium wedding rings for women do not do any harm to even a person who is less tolerant toward irritating metals. Therefore, titanium rings are biocompatible, meaning that they do not bear any level of toxicity to human’s body. So, by wearing this kind of rings, you will be spared from having any allergic reaction whatsoever.

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The wedding rings made of this metal are also corrosion-proof—unless, you plunge them into a cup of acid with high concentration because that’s when they will get dissolved. Seawater, some acids with weaker corrosive properties, and chlorine as well as aqua regia; try throwing these at titanium and you will get nothing. That’s just how hard to destruct titanium wedding rings.

Titanium rings sport higher resistance towards fatigue, meaning that the strength they have will not easily wear out due to prolonged use. Although this resistance depends on the composition of the ring, any known composition of titanium ring still shows higher level as compared to other metals.

Because of this, a titanium ring is never easy to resize. It could be done, but hard. To what size a titanium ring can be reduced is so limited that people often let it be the way it was. It is this matter of strength that leads people into thinking that the only way to treat individuals having accident that causes their titanium wedding rings stuck is by cutting off the fingers where the ring is located. On the contrary, a titanium ring is only a little bit difficult to cut off than gold. It is just about as hard as steel when it comes to sawing-resistance. A bit hard, indeed, people will have to put more efforts to cut the ring off the finger, but it’s not anywhere near impossible.

The aircraft grade titanium wedding rings are known to be strongest as well the most lightweight variant of all. This distinct strength can be the reason for you to get titanium wedding rings for men. They are strong without having to leave the essence of beauty behind.

Which Titanium Wedding Rings to Buy?

Read any available titanium wedding rings reviews for this matter. You can find them to be a lot more helpful rather than trying to find one on your own. Also, you need to know about titanium wedding rings sets. Settings on titanium rings appear as inlays, which look a lot like scratches but actually tiny channels filled with other metal like gold. They can also appear as some kind of small beads of gemstones being ‘implanted’ to the surface of the ring. Pick the titanium wedding rings that have inlays match to your preference.