Vintage Wedding Ring


A ring says a lot about the person wearing it. When it comes to an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring however, the ring says a lot more. Each style reflects a personality and character. Some are categorized by the form, the theme and where the styles originate from. A vintage wedding ring is an option that many refer to when they are looking for an elegant fit for their couple. If you are into the classic looks the vintage type is the best fit.

How to Choose a Vintage Wedding Ring Setting

vintage wedding ring

There are three elements that complete the look of a ring. The style of the ring is one to start with this will create the difference between one ring and another. There is also the feature of size including both the size of the band which will determine the size of the centre piece. Last but not least the type of metal you use to create the band of the ring set. These three features need to be determined in specific even if you are already certain about opting for the vintage wedding ring sets. A vintage wedding ring has the tendency to hold diamonds in a higher position than any other type. As much as they reflect glamour they are supported by elegant bands that balance the centre piece. So look out for vintage styled ring sets both for you and your loved one.

Which Vintage Wedding Ring Styles Suit you Best

As well as excessive details on the bands, vintage wedding rings can also be reflected through other styles. To know that you have not missed out on any other type refer to this list. The modern-contemporary wedding ring style is usually simple. The band goes all the way around the making a full circle including the centrepiece. There are also vintage wedding ring styles of the truly loving type. The vintage wedding ring options involve a complicated pattern embedding on the bands and hold the centrepiece along with other details surrounding it. This vintage option holds round-form diamonds as well as squared-form centre pieces. Experiment on the band details as well as focusing on the centre piece of the ring. 

Where to Look for Inspirations of Vintage Wedding Ring

vintage wedding ring sets

If looking up a vintage wedding ring in magazines is not fulfilling enough for you, the best place to look for them is the internet. The vintage wedding ring pinterest collection will provide you a complete experience of wedding ring collections, sets, bands and more. You can also access online discussions about what rings suit what type of hand figures. Not all rings look good on everyone, especially if they embed a lot of details on them. Be sure to carry out an extensive research to find the perfect match that your loved one will be honoured to wear. They deserve the best you can find, don’t stop until you have rummaged through all options out there.

The Style of Vintage Wedding Rings

As you can imagine what differentiates any ring to a vintage one is the extensive amount of details on the band of the ring. They are available in many types of metal bands but they have that particular feature in common. Organic vines going all the way around the band, curly ribbons that are carved into a band and floral cutworks are some of the many options of vintage wedding ring bands. They can carry center pieces if you want. But if you are committed to looking for this type, make sure you have also looked up the many vintage wedding ring designs for the perfect vintage wedding ring.